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Listen to the FIRST EVER Grounded Parents Podcast!!

It’s the first episode of the Grounded Parents podcast! Kavin came to DC, and Emily and Jenny hung out in her hotel room! And we recorded it! Many exclamation points! We talked about the having it all myth, Target and gendered toys, breastfeeding, circumcision, sleep training, GMOs, vaccines, Dr. Amy and …

Shit hitting fan

Do you want to see shit hit the fan? Circumcision

One of the most contentious words, if not the most contentious word in the internet parenting world: Circumcision. *Ducks for cover*   Disclaimer: This post is intended to be humorous, to point out that all one has to do to incite cutthroat, never-ending debate is to bring up routine infant …


Bodily Autonomy, Hypocrisy and the Penis Wars

I am a hypocrite. Pray tell? I am a huge advocate for bodily autonomy in almost all situations. I believe in a woman’s right to choose abortion at any time during her pregnancy for any reason. I am entirely against routine infant circumcision and even infant ear piercing. I don’t make my children …