Wednesday Reads: Haircuts and Consent, Daycare Heartbreak, and The Wicked Witch of the Midwest… Again

A light load of links this week. Blame Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 landing yesterday. So… Much…Soccer… Britni de la Cretaz writes at WaPo On Parenting on how she used the occasion of her daughter’s first haircut to teach her about consent… The next time I went to the salon for …

Ages 2-5Discipline

House Rules – to Love, Honor, and Disobey

My apologies to anyone who clicked on this link thinking that this was a post about your favorite grumpy doctor. I do think that he would appreciate my satire and demands for evidence, but, instead of an homage to sarcasm, I wanted to share the framework that my family has created for …


Top Five Reasons Why Dating a Feminist is Hard

Some nights when I am drinking from my mug of male tears and blogging about rape culture and abortion rights, I contemplate how hard it must be to date a feminist. Why even try? Is it worth it? Seems like a lot of work.        Top five reasons why dating …

Parenting FailsTraditions & Celebrations

Skipping Scary Santa

Imagine you heard about a culture where once a year parents forced very young children to do something terrifying and upsetting. Then, imagine that when this experience caused those young children to scream and cry, rather than stop the experience, the parents enjoyed watching their children be scared, so much that they took pictures of …


Bodily Autonomy, Hypocrisy and the Penis Wars

I am a hypocrite. Pray tell? I am a huge advocate for bodily autonomy in almost all situations. I believe in a woman’s right to choose abortion at any time during her pregnancy for any reason. I am entirely against routine infant circumcision and even infant ear piercing. I don’t make my children …

Media & TechnologySex and Sexuality

Oh My Gosh, Look at Her Butt, Bass, Rape Culture, Macaw!

The other day I was mindlessly listening to the radio and heard my 23-month-old son singing along in the back seat. Awww cute. Wait a minute. What song is this? Anaconda. What did my sweet boy just say? I quickly changed the radio station when I realized that my son had sung the words …

Hogwarts Express
Ages 6-9Media & Technology

Harry Potter and the Lessons of Consent

A few weeks ago, one of the other Grounded Parents writers posted an interesting article to the backchannel: 4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn’t Matter. Paige Lucas-Stannard points out that there are some very basic and common ways that well-meaning parents teach children that consent doesn’t matter, including …


Weekend Reads: Consent for Kids, Alicia Silverstone, Things I Can’t Do Because I Have Daughters, etc

Hello hello, how’s everyone out in GP-land doing this week.  Everyone okay?  Great!  Now, what are you looking for today?   If you’re looking for….a good take on parenting theory: “The parents who read books about raising children are not the ones I’m worried about.” If you’re looking for….a good …

Ages 13-17 (Teen)EducationSex and Sexuality

Saying No to Logan

When the Steubenville case broke into the news it was met with a combination of handwringing and finger pointing. While there was plenty of predictable shaming of the victim, the response to Steubenville also included some long overdue soul-searching about the privileged place that sports holds in American schools, and …