Weekend Reads: Consent for Kids, Alicia Silverstone, Things I Can’t Do Because I Have Daughters, etc

Hello hello, how’s everyone out in GP-land doing this week.  Everyone okay?  Great!  Now, what are you looking for today?   If you’re looking for….a good take on parenting theory: “The parents who read books about raising children are not the ones I’m worried about.” If you’re looking for….a good …

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Default Sexism

Like many of you, perhaps, I was raised in a patriarchy*. What this means, it means Women were barred from many jobs Jobs women did have were often menial, relatively low-paying, or service jobs – waitressing or house-cleaning, nursing, childcare, or – for middle and upperclass women, selling real estate; …

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The Importance of Not Defining Normal for Other Children

There are things in this world that piss me off. I could come up with a bunch of rhetorical examples to lead into my real point, but I’m going to cut to the chase – one really easy way to do that is to write a whole blog post about how hard …

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#BanBossy? Nope.

You may have heard that we are in the midst a national crisis: miniature would-be CEOs everywhere are suffocating under the weight of the word “bossy,” so Sheryl Sandberg’s foundation, together with the Girl Scouts, has launched a campaign to ban “bossy” from our vocabulary: When a little boy …

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Hey There Dollface!

Maybe you’ve heard about this year’s Sports Illustrated cover girl? Even if you haven’t, you’ve heard of her. Or should that be it? Because the model on the cover of SI’s 50th Anniversary over-wrap isn’t a woman. It isn’t even a person. It’s a doll – Barbie, to be precise. Now there are a …

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Wearing All The Colors

  As those of us who are Otherwise Persuaded know, Hannukah came early this year. Among other things, this allowed my kid to spend the Christmas holidays in New Orleans visiting her Christian cousins.  The little girl cousins are much younger than she is – five and three years old.  …

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Congrats on your Light-Skinned Kids?

As a first-generation Indian-American daughter of immigrants, I’ve grown up surrounded by a fixation with skin color.  Most Indian women would never dream of the privilege (tic) of marrying a man lighter than herself.  So when I first married my predominantly European-American husband, one of my relatives lovingly said (translated …

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From the Front of Another Fictional War – Pink!

Just when you thought that it was safe to put your cultural howitzer in storage for another year’s War on Christmas, a new battle cry has been sounded for 2014 – “Stop the War on Pink!” cries this piece, with a subhead that barely avoids every online feminist’s favorite phrase, …

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Why My Kid Had Purple Hair

Recently one of my friends polled all the other parents she knew: how terrible a parent would she be, she wondered, if she let her six year old get the mullet she was longing for? I won’t keep you in suspense: It was about a 70/30 split, with most parents …


How My Daughter Made Me A Feminist

My daughter will be 16 in just a few months. She is very active in high school; she marches in the Color Guard for the school band, acts in plays and puppet shows, and performs in the Junior Varsity show choir group. She belongs to the school’s LGBT discussion group …