Wednesday Reads: Kids Books About Empathy, Teen Pregnancy News, and My Dad Thinks I’m a Boy is Here!

Happy Wednesday Readers! Only two days left in August, the summer has slipped away from us and soon it will be Autumn. Which in Cincinnati means we’ll either get rain for 30 days or a week long heat wave. I just want to bake stuff with pumpkin spices dammit! Empathy …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Election Grief Counseling Edition

Winter is coming… The fairgrounds are silent. A biting northern wind blows leftover scraps of the summer frolic across empty grandstands… Only the echoes of children’s laughter haunt the field where once they dared gravity to test the limits of their fear… The arena is empty, the lonely attendant is …


Can You Answer Yes? I Wish I Could.

TW: sexual violence, rape culture, sex abuse In the past 24 hours I have seen at least 50 Facebook status updates asking the same question. If you identify as a woman: Have you lived a life free of sexual violence? The majority of answers – “No.” On my post, less than 15 …

Ages 2-5Discipline

House Rules – to Love, Honor, and Disobey

My apologies to anyone who clicked on this link thinking that this was a post about your favorite grumpy doctor. I do think that he would appreciate my satire and demands for evidence, but, instead of an homage to sarcasm, I wanted to share the framework that my family has created for …

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Skipping Scary Santa

Imagine you heard about a culture where once a year parents forced very young children to do something terrifying and upsetting. Then, imagine that when this experience caused those young children to scream and cry, rather than stop the experience, the parents enjoyed watching their children be scared, so much that they took pictures of …

ActivismMedia & Technology

Trigger Warnings, Privilege and Making the World a Kinder Place

Trigger Warning: This post contains content related to domestic and sexual violence.           If you spend a lot of time on parenting forums or Facebook groups on the internet, you have probably seen and/or used a trigger warning. Olivia recently provided a great refresher on the subject …

How ToParenting Styles

Parenting for Kindness and Compassion

Recently our local newspaper reran a Washington Post article entitle “Five ways to raise kids to be kind”. The article reports on research led by Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard psychologist with the graduate school of education, which shows that more parents are concerned with their kids’ academic achievement than their …

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Why GMOs and Genomic Medicine Made Me Register as an Organ Donor

Before you waste your time – if you’re anti Affordable Care Act, anti social programs, or against a mandated living wage, don’t bother reading further. This is for readers who care about everyone’s children, not just their own. What’s does one inherit with parenthood? A belly pooch, and “Elmo’s Song” …

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Good, Kindhearted Parents are Pro-GMO

As a parent, my worst nightmare is the thought of harm coming to my children. I cannot fathom the heartache of one of them suffering a debilitating illness. More unimaginably terrifying would be seeing the death of one of my children. As President Obama said after the Sandy Hook school …


Your Privilege is Showing

I am sick of the mommy wars. The “my way is the best and look how great I am as a parent” posts on Facebook. The absolute “I would never…” statements that end with: feed my baby formula, let my toddler watch TV, use a disposable diaper, eat a GMO, feed my …