Follow The Money: Why You Can’t Trust the EWG’s Ethically-Challenged Sunscreen Guide

It’s hard to find a more successful and widely accepted fear-mongering campaign than the Environmental Working Group’s annual Sunscreen Guide. Every year, the EWG “shames” sunscreens made with scary-sounding ingredients like oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate, and the public accepts their word for it. The EWG’s scare tactics aren’t just erroneous. They’re also unethical. They sell …

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I Want YOU! (and Your Kids’ DNA): On Precision Medicine & Fear

My enthusiasm about human genomics and the burgeoning new world of precision medicine is usually difficult to contain. I can’t help but broach it whenever healthcare or disease comes up in conversation. “Genomic data is powerful,” I exclaim. “Some day all Americans will have their entire genomes sequenced at or …