I’m All About Debates

You may have read my post about problematic anti-feminist and rapey messages in some current pop music. If not, you should check it out. I decided to take a stab at satirizing one of those songs with a Grounded Parents approved message. A music video may be in the works.   …

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Oh My Gosh, Look at Her Butt, Bass, Rape Culture, Macaw!

The other day I was mindlessly listening to the radio and heard my 23-month-old son singing along in the back seat. Awww cute. Wait a minute. What song is this? Anaconda. What did my sweet boy just say? I quickly changed the radio station when I realized that my son had sung the words …


Ask the right question: #whydoesheabuse?

As the country reels after another stunning high profile story of domestic violence hits the media, I am moved to tears reading the brave stories of #whyistayed and #whyileft. Everyone should take a moment and go read them. Thousands of people have shared their reasons for staying and leaving abusive relationships, …


LEGO, You Ain’t no Friends of Mine

So, we got the new LEGO catalog the other day. This is always a big day in our household, especially for me, as it’s when I can start planning my holiday shopping for the kids and usually identify what I want under the x-mas tree as well. (Pro tip – …

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Monsanto Shill Mom?

From Webster’s New World College Dictionary: Shill- noun: [slang] 1) The confederate of a gambler, pitchman, auctioneer, etc. who pretends to buy so as to lure onlookers into participating. 2) A person who works energetically to sell or promote something. –vi. [slang] To act or work as a shill. Until …

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Please Stop Calling Yourself a Feminist

I came across a blog post today, which begs the question: “Can you be a pro-choice feminist and anti-home birth?” Of course, I had to take a look. She posits that to be anti-home birth is to be anti-feminist and anti-choice. I disagree. I have been involved in the reproductive rights and women’s …

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Modern Parenting – It’s Naturally Fallacious

I am fed up with sancti-parent bullshit. It seems like every decision from conception to college is scrutinized by the cult of awesome-parenthood. There’s one subsect of this cult that has gotten way out of hand, to the point of being dangerously irresponsible – the natural parenting movement. True Confession Time: Hello, my name is Steph, …

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#YesAllWomen. Thankfully #NotAllBabies.

I’m a Dr. Amy fan. I value the attention she’s brought to the dangers of homebirth. I’m a pretty strong homebirth opponent too — all I can see is increased risk with no benefit — and I agree with the part of her recent blog post that brings to light …


Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem

The issue of sexual assault and violence against women has moved to the forefront with the latest mass shooting by Elliot Rodger.  The #YesAllWomen twitter campaign shows the abuse and fear that all women experience on an almost constant basis.  Disturbingly, reactions to this campaign also shows the depth of …

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M.I.A. Does It Again and #Yesallwomen

One of my recent tweets read, “#YesAllWomen because we’ll spend a whole freaking social media day on this, hoping our kids won’t have to.” I really do hope this feminist fight isn’t all for naught, and realistically I know it isn’t. Still, it was only today that I saw the …