I Love Hillary Because She’s a Woman

I’m finally coming out and saying what many of you have been thinking all along. I love Hillary because she’s a woman, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If she didn’t identify as a woman, I might not vote for her. How else will misandrists like me dismantle the patriarchy …

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The CDC Can Rip the Wine Glass Out of My Childbearing-Aged Hand

New CDC recommendations released Tuesday state that all women of childbearing age should abstain entirely from alcohol, unless they use contraceptives. Come again? On first reading, one might think that they are on to something. Everyone knows that drinking during pregnancy is bad. Well…the research is actually mixed. But, aside …


Lactivist or Feminist: Pick One

We need to stop telling women what to do with their bodies. Period. This includes how they choose to feed their babies. They are experts in their own lives. We do not know more about what’s best for them and their babies than they do. We simply don’t. And it’s not feminist …

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Feminist in a Metal Bikini

A few weeks ago, I was browsing my Facebook feed and came across this blog post. TL;DR: Mom and daughter see an action figure of Leia dressed in a metal bikini in the toy aisle. Mom deflects questions from her young child about it, having never seen the film. She writes …

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I Don’t Need Your Birth Feminism

Mariah Sixkiller’s Why I Am a Birth Feminist is one of the most privileged and myopic pieces of drivel I have ever read. Why exactly is she a birth feminist? Is it because she wants to see improved birth outcomes for women in third world countries? No. Is it because she wants to fight …


New U.S. Currency to Celebrate the Minimal Role Women Have Played in History

The U.S. Treasury announced Wednesday that in an attempt to compromise with advocates who were pressing to get a woman on the $20 bill, they will be releasing new currency. Rather than replacing Andrew Jackson with a less horrible human being on the $20 bill as advocates proposed, they will be releasing a …


Be a Man. Grow a Pair. Don’t Be a Girl.

You run like a girl. Grow a pair. Boys will be boys. Be a man. Don’t be a pussy. That’s so gay. The use of gendered language is so commonplace in our culture that almost everyone, even small children, share a common understanding of what these words and phrases mean when used as an insult …


Men have it hard, too.

Today, I had the privilege to engage in a discussion about male privilege with a man who was tired of being accused of mansplaining. Ironic, because the context of the conversation was pretty much the definition of mansplaining. My point – admitting that you are privileged or that male privilege …


Top Five Reasons Why Dating a Feminist is Hard

Some nights when I am drinking from my mug of male tears and blogging about rape culture and abortion rights, I contemplate how hard it must be to date a feminist. Why even try? Is it worth it? Seems like a lot of work.        Top five reasons why dating …

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Please Stop Calling Yourself a Feminist

I came across a blog post today, which begs the question: “Can you be a pro-choice feminist and anti-home birth?” Of course, I had to take a look. She posits that to be anti-home birth is to be anti-feminist and anti-choice. I disagree. I have been involved in the reproductive rights and women’s …