5 Reasons Non-Browning Apples Could Change Your Mind About GMOs

39% of Americans still believe GMOs are worse for your health, but there’s reason to believe that opinion could shift with new information. Limited scientific knowledge, distrust for scientists and the ubiquitousness of false information all play a part here, but the polling suggests it’s not just a question of needing more science-based information but also a …


Would You Rather…? On Being Called Shill, Whore or Sanctimommy

A couple of weeks ago, Salon published a piece I wrote entitled “Stop telling me I’m poisoning my kids”: Food crusaders, sancti-mommies and the rise of entitled eaters. Most of the backlash was the usual anti-GMO stuff, but I was a little surprised to see a minor outcry over my use …


You Won’t Believe What This Mom Did to Fight Pseudoscience!

The Disclaimer: Before anyone accuses me of cashing shill checks, I should disclose that Kavin Senapathy, co-author of The Fear Babe, is a contributor at Grounded Parents and a friend. I assure you that I received no compensation for this review. My views on the book are entirely my own, …


#Moms4FactsNotFear — Tell Your Senator You Support GMOs!

NEXT FRIDAY, October 16, Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America are headed to Washington, DC to take their anti-science agenda of fear to the U.S. Senate. Zen and her dangerous, fear-mongering group, Moms Across America, want our elected officials to believe that they speak for all moms when they reject GMOs and the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling …


Forget GMOs: You Should Know About Nitrogen!

What do red clover, seabird poop, World War I, the current world population and the Oklahoma City bombing all have in common? Nitrogen, specifically fixed nitrogen. In human hands it has the power to nurture or to destroy. We cannot exist without it. For example, it is nitrogen in the …

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Guest Post: Similac Goes Non-GMO and Reaches a New Low

***Editor’s note:  This guest post is by Layla Katiraee, a mom and scientist with a PhD in Molecular Genetics. Here, she writes about Similac’s hypocrisy and misleading marketing tactics. She argues that the company’s recent decision to go GMO-free is unscientific, and exploits parent guilt.***  If you follow me on …

Kavin looking perplexed

Kavin Can’t Even: GMO Opponents Continue to Use Girl Scout as a Prop

For the second installment of #KavinCantEven, I bring you the three-year-long debacle that keeps going and going. The Facebook and campaign to remove GMO ingredients from Girl Scout cookies has been using Girl Scout Alicia Serratos for the past few years as a prop to persuade the organization to …

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In Defense of Gluten Free

I can’t believe I’m about to say this  but here it is — I think it’s time to lay off the gluten free folks. Listen, I love a good science-based smackdown as much as the next gal, and I get that there’s SO MUCH to smack down here. Yes, the gluten free diet …

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HealthParenting Styles

Yummy or Yuck? Part 2: Let them eat dirt (or not?)

With discussions about increased allergies and hyper-sterile environments (in the (over)developed world at least), there is a body of parenting lore that supports the idea of building your child’s immune system by exposing them to germs through outside play, engagement with animals etc. Now presumably this idea isn’t completely crazy. …

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The Audacity of a Mother Who Hates Making Dinner

Mother and writer Virginia Heffernan recently dared to ask the question What If You just Hate Making Dinner? Nostalgic for pizza delivery and frozen dinners, Heffernan finds “mother cookbooks” like 100 Days of Real Food, The Family Cooks, and Dinner: A Love Story (at best) discouraging and (at worst) condescending. She’s blunt about …