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Michael Pollan’s Future is Bleak Because You Didn’t Breastfeed

For food writer and activist Michael Pollan, the future is bleak without breastmilk. In an interview published in the food journal Lucky Peach, Pollan describes the path to our dystopian future with more than just the usual suspects of cornfed beef, big dairy and processed foods. Infant formula, he writes, is another “great …


Yummy or yuck? Part 1: The 5 second rule

Yesterday, Fynn dropped her teething biscuit on the shopping centre floor. I glibly picked it up, blew on it and said “5 second rule” before handing it back to her to munch on some more. My friend commented “she’s building a nice strong immune system” and we went on with …

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General Mills Buys Annie’s Homegrown, Anti-GMO Proponents Go Berserk

The news broke a couple days ago: General Mills will buy Annie’s Homegrown for $820 million. This is no big deal, figuratively speaking. Yes it’s a close to billion dollar deal, but companies get bought and sold all the time. If you’re unfamiliar with Annie’s Homegrown, it makes “all-natural,” “healthy,” …

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Food Babe: A Bitch by Any Other Name

Here’s a quick rant: As many of my readers would vehemently agree, Food Babe is one of the most annoying and pseudoscience-promoting, fear-mongering public figures of late. For those of you not familiar with Food Babe, she’s a self-proclaimed food “investigator,” an anti-GMO, natural-is-better fallacious, non-evidence-based, pro-organic shill. She bullies …



When I was pregnant with my first child (my daughter), I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into. And please trust me when I say that I don’t use the word literally when I really mean figuratively. I had the confidence of ignorance. An image in my …

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GMO, Séralini, and March Against Monsanto: It’s Magically Misleading!

If you follow my posts on GP, you know that I’ve been writing a lot about GMOs and genetic engineering. I was planning to lay off the subject for a bit, maybe write about advances in prenatal diagnostics or the wonders of sleep training and okay-to-wake clocks, but I’m compelled …

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Choosy Moms Choose GMOs

I recently wrote about the Mother’s Day present of my dreams: For mandatory GMO labeling to never, ever take effect. I was an amazing mom all year, so I had my hopes up. Alas, all I got was a county-wide ban on GMOs in Oregon, and the more well-known and …

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Fed Up And The Change That’s Not Coming

A few weeks ago, Fed Up, a documentary about America’s obesity crisis, opened in theaters with a whole lot of media buzz and and a promise that the film will change the way we eat forever. I won’t be holding my breath. The goal of the film seems to be to expose Big Food but who …


How Many Calories Does That Have?

K: Mama, what are calories? Me: They’re the stuff in food that gives you energy. K: Do they make you sick? Me: Nope. Why do you think that? K: I heard someone say that they didn’t want to eat too many calories. They make you sick. Me: Who said that? K: …

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There are starving children in Africa

If you Google the search terms “preschooler” and “picky eater”, the results will include thousands of websites with advice ranging from – “offer choices and let them pick” to “offer new foods often and make them eat at least one bite of something new” to the all so familiar to me “make them sit at the …