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How I Became a Reasonable Mom

Next week in Washington, DC, I’m taking part in a panel discussion on what it means to be a reasonable mom. But I didn’t exactly begin my “mom life” as anything resembling reasonable. There was a long period of time when I believed a good birth had to be a drug-free …

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Is it Legal for Kids to Have Sex When They are Home Alone?

{Content Warning – Discussion of statutory rape laws, including some specific language regarding youth sexual conduct.} Serious question. In light of the ongoing fracas regarding kids exploring the world without supervision, it occurred to me – with a wide range of ages when kids are deemed capable of being home …

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Welcome To Your Adorable Dystopian Future

From the Consumerist comes this delightful story about a new product from Korean tech corporation LG (you might own one of their refrigerators, TV’s, cell phones or washing machines.)  Their title is only slightly less alarming than mine. LG Introduces House Arrest Wristbands For Small Children       From the company’s own …

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A Moment of Zen

I spent a lot of time this weekend just watching my kids. It was really beautiful and spring like for one of the first times all year – almost a month later than usual for us. One of our favorite things to do in our neighborhood is to go “down …

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How My 3-Year-Old Learned about Anal Bleaching

When my son was about 3, I left him watching a Thomas the Tank Engine video on YouTube while I pooped in peace, checked Facebook, finished off the doughnuts without having to share them with him, got things done around the house. I returned to the living room to hear …