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Guest Post: Good Parenting and the Question of Unconditional Love

Editor’s note:  In this guest post Cassandra Phoenix writes about breaking the cycle of abuse, parental self-doubt, and unconditional love. One of my friends brought up a disturbing notion on Facebook recently: “Something that’s been worrying me the past few years is possibly becoming the parent of a child who …

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9 Things I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child

1. Internet lists are a whole bunch of bs. Yes, even this one (well, really it’s more snark, but wev). We’ve all seen those [Random Number] Things I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Girl/Boy/Girl lists, right? Guess what. Bullshit. I can honestly say that I’ve experienced all 19 of …

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The Embedded Patriarchy of Surnames

It kind of goes without saying that in the many cultures around the world norms around surnames are deeply patriarchal. In so far as I identify with a culture I guess we are “Western” where wives traditionally abandon their own surnames in favour of their husbands, and children automatically take …

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I Delight in Your Pigeonholing Failure

I know that picture’s a little fuzzy, but Renee is wants me to tone down on the online exposure. There are places it’s safe to be non-monogamous and atheist, but not every person who might stop by Grounded Parents is going to be as awesome as its usual audience. But, …

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The Importance of Not Defining Normal for Other Children

There are things in this world that piss me off. I could come up with a bunch of rhetorical examples to lead into my real point, but I’m going to cut to the chase – one really easy way to do that is to write a whole blog post about how hard …

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#BanBossy? Nope.

You may have heard that we are in the midst a national crisis: miniature would-be CEOs everywhere are suffocating under the weight of the word “bossy,” so Sheryl Sandberg’s foundation, together with the Girl Scouts, has launched a campaign to ban “bossy” from our vocabulary: When a little boy …

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A quick look at gender development

Watching a young child come to understand sex and gender is fascinating. The process varies greatly depending on the child’s conceptual development and what information is given to them, but in general there are a few distinct stages that people tend to go through as they figure out what this …


True Confessions: I Hate Math

Okay, maybe “hate” is too strong a word. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate math and the cool things it does, I just can’t do most of those things myself. Geometry only sort of makes sense to me, I barely slogged my way through algebra, and I never even made it to calculus. I’m …


Oh, Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? No? Really? Then let me explain: it’s a site for saving (“pinning”) pictures from all over the internet and sharing them with your friends. People pin recipes, craft ideas, diet tips, pictures of their dream home, things like that. When you visit the site, you’re not …

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The Myth of Gender-Blind Parenting

“Boys and girls are so different!” “People who claim that there are no natural differences between boys and girls have obviously never worked with children.” “I tried to raise my kids in a gender-neutral way, but my son still ignores dolls and plays with trucks! Nature will have its way.” …