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Ethical and Inclusive Scouting

It was all over the news last year—the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) changed their policies regarding homosexuality, and now they’re perfectly acceptable for any secular family, right? Well, not really. The policy change means they will no longer expel non-straight boys from scouting immediately, which is progress. But BSA still requires …

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From the Front of Another Fictional War – Pink!

Just when you thought that it was safe to put your cultural howitzer in storage for another year’s War on Christmas, a new battle cry has been sounded for 2014 – “Stop the War on Pink!” cries this piece, with a subhead that barely avoids every online feminist’s favorite phrase, …

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Resources for parents of kids who don’t fit the heterosexual cisgender model

Let’s say that you’ve just found out that your child is LGBTQIA. Unless you live somewhere significantly more utopian than I do (in which case you don’t need this post), it means that your kid is likely to face some tough times. If you are reading this post, then I’m …

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Have you seen the GoldieBlox video? It was pretty much inescapable for a few days on my social media websites.  Everyone was sharing it, liking it, commenting on it. The more I thought about the concept, the more uncomfortable it made me. I don’t like toys aimed at girls. I …