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Scientist and Advocate Moms to Celeb Moms: Weigh GMO Food with Facts Not Fear

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ginnifer Goodwin, Sarah Gilbert, Jillian Michaels, Jordana Brewster, and other celebrity moms speaking against the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act: We are scientists, science communicators, and farmers. We come from varying educational backgrounds, work in different careers, live across the country, and are …


Gwyneth Goes to Washington: 5 Reasons She Wants to Label GMOs

Yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow passionately urged the Senate to vote against the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act. Don’t worry, she came armed with reasons: 1. She’s a mom! When I first became a mother, my sister used to imitate my new mom-centered (read: self-centered) way of thinking by squawking “I’m a mom!” after everything …


Dear Amanda Peet, GMOs Need You!

Dear Amanda Peet, As you may know, your bestie Gwyneth Paltrow recently asked her Twitter followers to join forces with anti-GMO activists and demand labeling of GMO food. It seems the woman who recommends limes to folks on food stamps and wood-burning pizza ovens in the garden for the rest of …


Similac Doesn’t Care About Your Outrage

When Similac announced its decision to market GMO free formula last week, some science advocates were outraged. To me, it made perfect sense. GMO free may be no better than ordinary formula, but that makes no difference to Similac. Their customers want a GMO free product. And just like Chipotle, Similac has answered the demand. Monsanto, a company …

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Guest Post: Similac Goes Non-GMO and Reaches a New Low

***Editor’s note:  This guest post is by Layla Katiraee, a mom and scientist with a PhD in Molecular Genetics. Here, she writes about Similac’s hypocrisy and misleading marketing tactics. She argues that the company’s recent decision to go GMO-free is unscientific, and exploits parent guilt.***  If you follow me on …


What Kids Can’t Learn from the GMO Labeling Debate

When it comes to GMOs, I’ve always been content to let you science nerds duke it out. It’s not that I don’t support genetically engineered food. I do, but I’m still a few credits shy of completing that degree in Genetics from Google U and I have a hard time spelling …

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Kavin Can’t Even: GMO Opponents Continue to Use Girl Scout as a Prop

For the second installment of #KavinCantEven, I bring you the three-year-long debacle that keeps going and going. The Facebook and campaign to remove GMO ingredients from Girl Scout cookies has been using Girl Scout Alicia Serratos for the past few years as a prop to persuade the organization to …

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Kavin Can’t Even: 80% of Americans want mandatory labels for food containing DNA

I appreciate the following I’ve garnered for my science advocacy writing. My readers are clever, kind, and willing to engage in civil, evidence-based discussion. As I’ve stated, “I loathe unsubstantiated fear-mongering, especially when it exploits scientific ignorance. I’m not a scientist by the traditional definition, but I have a unique …

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My Finances Afford Me Organic, My Conscience Doesn’t

I’ve written extensively about my pro-biotech and pro-GMO views. The idea that the weight of my wallet reigns supreme on my priority list has been a frequent accusation of late. I’ve been advised to reassess my budget so that I can do my children the so-called favor of feeding them …


Why This Mom Boycotts Organic and Will Never Shop at Whole Foods

When I was pregnant with my daughter, family and friends began encouraging me to buy organic produce. I was always a critical thinker, and I doubted the touted benefits of organic food. Still, to appease family, my husband and I started purchasing organic apples, strawberries, and some of the other …