GMOs, Rachel Parent, and Jake Lutick-Fuller: What separates a child ideologue from a child activist?

I recently wrote a story about Jake Lutick-Fuller, after interviewing the 10-year-old science activist who wants to be a genetic engineer when he grows up. Jake isn’t your everyday kid with a volcano at the school science fair. The mushroom and mycology aficionado likes to trek through the forest weekly, …


Why Does the “Right to Know” Movement Care More About GMOs Than Food Allergies?

My daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Unlike GMOs, these foods present a real danger. It’s not hypothetical and it’s not overprotective parenting. I’ve seen her skin break out in hives and her ear swell after eating a few bites of a piece of contaminated wheat bread. Every …


Similac Doesn’t Care About Your Outrage

When Similac announced its decision to market GMO free formula last week, some science advocates were outraged. To me, it made perfect sense. GMO free may be no better than ordinary formula, but that makes no difference to Similac. Their customers want a GMO free product. And just like Chipotle, Similac has answered the demand. Monsanto, a company …


MAMyths Goes to Washington, DC

This past Saturday, I flew into DC to be part of the March Against Myths — the first counter-protest to the March Against Monsanto. Like any decent shill, I came in on my private jet, sipping champagne and snacking on corn tinged with the blood of Indian farmers. Apologies if that rhetoric seems extreme. I was …

Kavin can't even
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Kavin Can’t Even: A Fun GMO Quiz and MSNBC Joins Right-to-Know Bandwagon

We can’t expect MSNBC to be objective. I’m a liberal Democrat and even I know that. Still, I was extremely disappointed to see a recent poll on its website titled, “Do you think GMO labeling should be mandatory?” On its surface, this question isn’t incredibly problematic. It’s a simple yes …

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My Finances Afford Me Organic, My Conscience Doesn’t

I’ve written extensively about my pro-biotech and pro-GMO views. The idea that the weight of my wallet reigns supreme on my priority list has been a frequent accusation of late. I’ve been advised to reassess my budget so that I can do my children the so-called favor of feeding them …

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What You Don’t Know About Food Allergies

There’s nothing scarier than the unknown. Especially if you’re a parent. When your kid gets diagnosed with a food allergy, the unknown kind of becomes your new normal. You’ve got tons of questions but there are no answers. What are the chances of cross contamination? What if I missed something on the label? What if she goes into …

Pointing fingers at accused puritan witch
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The Always Hypocritical Food Babe Claims Defamation

Just a quick rant today: I love my family. My daughter is learning what my husband realized well before we started dating – I can spot disingenuousness, scheming, and hypocrisy a mile away. My daughter’s vocabulary at 3 ½ surpasses that of my former 10-year-old self, yet I can see …


Truly Scary Costumes for Modern Kids

If you’re still scrambling for costume ideas, fret no more! This Halloween, your kid can be the spoOoOoOOOkiest kid on the block, with these unique, DIY costumes! I’ve done some digging, using mostly “natural” parenting blogs as inspiration, to come up with these truly scary costumes for children (or adults, …

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Ben & Jerry’s and Measure 92: If You Can’t Define “Organism,” You Can’t Logically Oppose GMOs

It may not seem like it, but I don’t go searching for anti-GMO sentiment on the internet to fuel my wrath. I like the rare occasions when I’m not forced to write. I enjoy reading and playing with my kids, or kicking back and conversing with my husband over a …