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DIY Sensory Friendly Vehicle Costume

When my 3 year olds wanted to be the trains Rocky and Diesel 10 from Thomas and Friends, it set up a couple of problems besides the fact that they’re not main characters so you can’t exactly just buy the costume or find a dozen tutorials on making them. Even …

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5 Year Old vs Ouija Board, Halloween Time Lessons

My son’s been begging to play my old Ouija board for weeks after watching some kids playing it and Charlie Charlie on YouTube. He made his own Charlie Charlie and figured it out, but it just doesn’t have that same magic as an Ouija board. So, I dusted my old …

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Why I Think the Food Allergy Parent Who Ruined Halloween Is Probably a Hoax

Last week, the internet exploded in outrage over a Connecticut parent demanding that people pass out Necco wafers and carrots to keep her food allergic child safe and included on Halloween. Holy Peanot Butter, I have never seen so many happy haters.  Every stereotype about pain in the ass food allergy …


Weekend Reads: Halloween costumes, Vanilla Ice, Common Core, Baby Brain, etc

Hello hello!  How are things this weekend?  Halloween go well for everyone?  My little Ironman teamed up with his buddy the pirate, and a good time was had by all.   If you’re looking for….some thoughts on Common Core: Or math education in general, here are 5 If you’re looking …

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I’d Rather be a [Halloween Costume].

October is/was Bullying Awareness Month. This is something I assume that most of our readers know, but interestingly, it’s not something I felt was overly emphasized in my son’s school. There were some words said in some parent emails, including a list of “anti-bullying spirit week” concepts, but nothing overwrought …

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Trick or Treating (or not) and Toddlers

I love Halloween, and I love trick-or-treating. In fact, I love it so much I went trick or treating until college, always made my own costumes, and continue to love dressing up for Halloween. Imagine my joy when I had kids with whom I could share this love of Halloween. This is their …

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Halloween Candy: Deadly or Delicious? (Part 2)

Part 2: Razors and Needles, Poison, and Sexual Predators Razor blades, poisons and sexual predators may be an odd combination, but it gives me a chance to introduce Joel Best, a professor at the University of Delaware who has been researching and writing about Halloween sadism for over 30 years, and has looked …

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Halloween Candy: Deadly or Delicious? (part 1)

Part 1: Drugs, GMOs, Toxins & Fat It’s time for the annual festival of fear here in the United States. I’m not talking Halloween; I’m talking about articles, news stories, and old facebook posts gone viral screaming at parents to be wary of strangers putting dangerous things in their little ghost …

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Don’t Be Scary This Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Time to watch the leaves change, put on cozy sweaters and put pumpkin pie spice in everything. At our house, it’s also time to pick out or make Halloween costumes. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I LOVE It. And …

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It’s My Party!

Long ago, pre-children, I used to have fantasies of being one of those people who gives good party. These were largely wild fantasies in the truest sense of “this is kind of titillating, but I’m not sure I ever actually want to experience this” variety, because parties mean people and …