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The Dating Game: Another look at all of these rules.

Lou has been doing such an awesome job taking down those silly “rules for dating my [insert gendered child-type here]” in the Internet Meme Demolition Derby- go read them if you haven’t yet, because you may want context. And one of the things that’s come up in comments is well …

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Over 40? Consider Donating Your Genome to the Resilience Project!

I often say that the way medicine is practiced for our children and grandchildren will be unfathomably different than it was for us. The future of medicine will be personalized prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Here is an explanatory piece I wrote recently on precision medicine, how it’s already being practiced, …

Sex and Sexuality

Ask a Sex Educator: What to do about young children’s self-touching?

Welcome to our new feature, Ask a Sex Educator! While I will continue to write standalone articles from time to time, I wanted to create a forum where people could ask parenting and sexuality-related questions, and I’ll answer as many of them as I’m able. Besides my own training and …

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Do My Knees Look Fat? Or, Body Issues And Your Child

One evening when my kid was about ten, she climbed up to sit on the table where I was working, grading my midterms.  “All the girls in Upper El are on diets.” “What?” I frowned at her over the grammar exam I was in the middle of.  “All of them?” …

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How Not To Find Out Your Mom Had a Stroke

My daughter, LV,  burst into my bedroom today and told me that she’s just found out that her mom had a stroke.  Her mother was in Massachusetts to visit her family there and she was due to fly back today.   Her mom has been in very poor health over the …

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Growing Humans is Badass

I spend a fair amount of time on parenting support boards. To receive, but also and mostly, to give support. I think parents in our generation, for the most part, don’t have access to the “village” that our parents and grandparents had for advice and support. The internet gives us a unique …


How Many Calories Does That Have?

K: Mama, what are calories? Me: They’re the stuff in food that gives you energy. K: Do they make you sick? Me: Nope. Why do you think that? K: I heard someone say that they didn’t want to eat too many calories. They make you sick. Me: Who said that? K: …


Let’s Hear it for Birth Control!

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear two cases – Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialty Store v. Sebelius – challenging the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that mandate most health insurance plans to cover contraception services and counseling at no cost to the insured. …


Tales of the Fat and Tired

I am fat again. I mean, technically, I’m just still fat. Not all of a sudden fat again. But there is my just-a-smidge-fat weight and my ugh-this-is really-fat weight. Both are technically fat but only one causes me to cue the spiral of shame and self-hatred. I’m fat but mostly …

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My Body—A Political Pawn

Damn right, it’s personal! For me this started out with a bad feeling after reading the Conservative Party’s (Høyre) agenda, their campaign propaganda to get voters. I soon found a piece about abortion that took me by surprise. They wanted to propose a change in the current law, which in …