Dissipating Ghosts and Having a Transgender Child

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a dim room and seeing something that doesn’t make sense at first, a shadow, a light, a movement? Maybe there’s even an odd sound, or a deeper silence than seems usual. And in that split second between unconsciously noticing that something …


The Gay Agenda* #2: Let’s talk about bathrooms

I’m back with the next installment of The Gay Agenda. What outrageous desire am I sharing with you this time? Well, it turns out that non-gender-conforming people would like to be able to use the bathroom in peace without being accosted, abused, or attacked. Recently Offspring, who identifies as genderqueer, …


Irish Education: Of Catholics and Closets

In my previous post I mentioned how schools in Ireland are allowed to deny children admission based on the religious affiliation of their parents.  In recent weeks it has come to light that the exemptions provided by the state are also used to intimidate and/or remove staff based on their …

Sex and Sexuality

My Perfect Valentine’s Present

I’ve been married for over two decades. It’s a good marriage. I love my husband more now than when we first married. But Valentine’s Day has me thinking. What would be a great gift that could make us happier together? Flowers, chocolates, candles? Those are all nice, but they aren’t …