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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Handy Index Page

One of the reasons that the Internet Meme Demolition Derby is an irregular  feature here at Grounded Parents rather than say a weekly or biweekly installment is that it depends on finding it’s source material out there in the wild. Now sometimes I get some help from readers or my fellow …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Kids These Days Part Infinity

If there is one nugget of wisdom I would like readers to take away from our various perambulations through the land of poorly thought out but unfortunately common internet memes related to parenting and or childhood it is this; if you are about to say/write/think something that begins with some …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Don’t try this at home edition

(TW: Really crummy ableist language) Going back over our many visits to the IMDD, we will find one theme recurring, nostalgia, a yearning on the part of the meme creator or sharer for the past. Usually the nostalgia is for an idealized past that was simpler, or more enlightened, or …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: New Rules for Dating my Daughter

The very first Internet Meme Demolition Derby featured the image to our right. Rules for Dating My Daughter was roaming across Facebook and Twitter, revealing the inner Neanderthal Conservative on your friends list and getting “Hurr Hurr Hurr, so true…” laughs from the usual chuckleheads whose comedic tastes stopped evolving …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Happy Meme Edition

As much fun as it is to watch local reprobates demolish automobiles for your amusement, eventually you have to take a break, go get a hot dog and a beer and find a quieter, more wholesome pursuit at the County Fair. Maybe there’s some butter sculptures to see, or a …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby Pit Stop: About that George Carlin Meme

Not a big takedown today, but I wanted to amplify this Daily Kos article by AnnieJo, not just because I’m a huge George Carlin fan, but because I’m a huge George Carlin fan who didn’t catch this the first time this meme rolled across my Facebook wall. George Carlin has got to …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Childhood is not a Disease!

Crash… boom… bang…screeeeech! It’s Internet Meme Demolition Derby time!  Let’s get right to the action this week folks. Cruising into the arena propelled by the powerful combination of self righteous judgmental criticism of kids that are troubled or different and a blinkered, ignorant suspicion of the medical establishment tied together …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: “My Parents Spanked Me as a Kid” Edition

Full disclosure before we start in case Mom is reading this; my parents almost never spanked us.  I find it interesting that, in the USA at least, I can use the term “Demolition Derby” and be incredibly confident that my audience will know exactly what I’m talking about. And I …