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Pseudonyms and Internet Fame

My stepson doesn’t like to be talked about. At all. Whether it’s a quiet conversation between his father and me while he’s in the other room or a parent-teacher conference at his school, if it’s a discussion about him then he wants to be present and have a say. Even …

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Hanukkah is Not Your Christmas Side Dish!

I have a question for all of you folks who celebrate Christmas, in part, by celebrating the holidays and traditions of others. Are you still interested in Judaism or anything remotely related to Jewish culture once Christmas is over? Does your cultural curiosity extend beyond Judaism? Do you know anything …

Ages 6-9

My New Year’s Realization

I think I was good until I took him grocery shopping. Among the throngs of families hurriedly grabbing produce and boxes of hot cocoa and fresh bread, my six-year-old and I happily strode into the local upscale grocery store, on a quest to find the last two items from my …

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It’s hard to figure out what to expose your child to. My kid is a boy, and he’s almost 4. He has a ton of typical likes, such as dinosaurs and sports and mud and pissing me off. He also has other interests, such as reading and giving me more …