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Trigger Warnings, Privilege and Making the World a Kinder Place

Trigger Warning: This post contains content related to domestic and sexual violence.           If you spend a lot of time on parenting forums or Facebook groups on the internet, you have probably seen and/or used a trigger warning. Olivia recently provided a great refresher on the subject …


Weekend Reads: Physics and Fingers, Mean Kids, Sexist Science, etc

Well hello hello!  Welcome back to weekend reads.  After a brief Thanksgiving hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance.  What are you in the mood for today?   If you’re looking for….some physics: A physicist explains to his daughter why fingers get cold. If you’re looking for….some mean girls: Unsurprisingly, it …

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Dealing With Your Child’s Sleep Issues

Do your children sleep through the night?  Mine didn’t.  In the seven years after my first child was born I don’t think I ever got a full night sleep. My son was born eight weeks premature.  We were thankful that he only had to spend eight days in the NICU.  …

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OCD Quickies Part 2: Postpartum OCD

This is part 2 in an indefinite series about OCD and my personal experiences with the disorder. Today, I’ll talk about how I realized I had postpartum OCD. Here is part 1 if you missed it, about my official diagnosis and explanation of GWAS and the heredity of OCD. I …

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OCD Quickies Part 1: Why I’m Excited for My Shiny New Diagnosis, and What is a GWAS?

This will be the first in a series about my journey with OCD. I’m taking this on for two main reasons. First, although the stigma is slowly diminishing, it takes more openness to help the erosion. Second, as I’ve become more attuned to it, I’ve heard someone refer to themselves …

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What Made Me (Not) Do It

TW: Suicidal ideation As  Bethany noted over the weekend, it is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. In commemoration, let’s talk a little about children’s mental health. I’ll start. I was 9 the first time I thought about killing myself. Actually, I might have been 8 or even 7, but I …


When Body Snark Starts Young

Pop quiz!  How would you respond to the following situations: Your twin girls who were born weighing 3 lbs each, have now grown into active 2 year olds.  At the two year visit, the doctor informs you they are now “obese”, but gives you no guidance as to what you’re …


NFL (Not For my Little one)

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t like telling Pickle that he is not allowed to do things. Usually I like to explain the pros and cons and help him come to a conclusion that I support. There are a few exceptions, mostly things that are dangerous. That is …

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Don’t Deny My Reality! I Have a Kid With Autism.

Seriously, I can’t bitch. I’ve gotten everything I asked for. As a kid, I had only one prayer: “Jesus Christ (for then, that was my god) please make my life not so boring.” Action was what I expected out of suburban Ohio and I got it. In Ohio, yes even …

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Losing It (and Getting It Back)

(Trigger Warnings: Mental Illness, Anxiety, Panic Attacks) Here’s my current take on the whole parenting situation: parenting young kids is like threading a needle while riding in the back of a moving pickup truck. Also, the truck is being driven by three small children, and one of them is screaming …