Weekend Reads: Kid’s Screen Time as a Feminist Issue, Trans Representation in D&D and Gay Dads are Just Dandy

Happy Mother’s Day all you Weekend Readers who celebrate the day.  Remember however that not everyone has a great relationship with this holiday, keep them in mind as well. Kid’s screen time is a feminist issue… Our screen time fixation isn’t about kids at all. It’s about mothers. What’s really …


Foiling Fallacies – Women Who Use Abortion As Birth Control

This is my first post in a new series called Foiling Fallacies (FFS for short – which is generally what I mutter when someone uses a fallacy in an internet debate). In the series I will explore the examples that are often brought up to derail internet debates when all hope of …


Yummy or yuck? Part 1: The 5 second rule

Yesterday, Fynn dropped her teething biscuit on the shopping centre floor. I glibly picked it up, blew on it and said “5 second rule” before handing it back to her to munch on some more. My friend commented “she’s building a nice strong immune system” and we went on with …

Step Families

Tidbit Tuesdays: Evil Stepmother Edition

[Author’s note: J.G. Hovey has had to take a short hiatus from writing her Tidbit Tuesdays posts. I have taken advantage of the break to sneak one of my own in. Enjoy!] Ah, the Evil Stepmother. A trope so entrenched in so many cultures that it needs no explanation. Better …

Xmas Darwinfish
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Keeping Christ in Christmas. . . no, really

Today I received a Facebook share instructing me to “Keep the CHRIST in Christmas.”  I instinctively deleted it, as I do all slacktivist share requests (keep your recipes on Pinterest people, your political slogans on bumper stickers, and for god’s sake, keep your religious rhetoric on your own damn wall).   …