Dear Planned Parenthood: You ROCK for Helping Patients Donate Fetal Tissue

It’s not a day that ends in “y” if anti-choice extremists don’t try to discredit or defund Planned Parenthood. When I worked for a Planned Parenthood affiliate, extremist terrorist groups targeted us, along with other affiliates relentlessly. Groups like Live Action and its spin-off the Center for Medical Progress used a variety of tactics to try …

Preschooler wearing shirt that reads "American Monster", featuring a red, white and blue monster.
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Kids + Guns

(The AAP making an obvious and unhelpful statement.)   I was 16 or 17 when I pulled into the mall’s parking ramp one day for my work shift. I was fiddling around in the car and getting my things together when I noticed something really strange. Another car, driven erratically, was …


A Better World For Our Children?

This has been a pretty disappointing day considering the results from last month’s U.S. elections.  Except for a win for raising the minimum wage here in Nebraska, it was pretty much a disaster for a liberal living among the barbarians. This led to me posting a bunch of comments on …


Home Sick

At writing this, Pickle is tucked soundly in bed with his lovey clutched tightly to his chest. It is 30 minutes into a school day, he’s home sick and I am lucky enough to be home with him. We have a lot of advantages that most families don’t have. I …


Scarecrows and other political plays.

I am afraid to fly. It’s not a rational fear, and although I am fully aware of both statistics and probability calculations, I can’t seem to shake it. I take twelve to sixteen flights a year and I never get any calmer, nor do I feel any safer. If someone …

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Memorial Day

I am the child of pacifists (my father was one of the first service members in the state to become a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, and he and my mother were heavily active in the war’s protests). But, I am also part of a military family. The conflict between these two …


A Magnolia State of Mind

We have a scattering of bumper stickers on the back of our silver car: two LGBT-related, some political, and one proclaiming solidarity for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. In many places, these stickers would not raise an eyebrow. But we do not live in most places. We live in …


In response to a “pro-life atheist”

On Tuesday, Kristine Kruszelnicki, director of Pro-Life Humanists, was featured as a guest blogger on Hemant Mehta’s blog – “Friendly Atheist” with her post: Yes, There Are Pro-Life Atheists Out There. Here’s Why I’m One of Them. Perhaps Mr. Mehta is letting his friendliness override his sense? In her blog, Ms. Kruszelnicki attempts to address …

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My Body—A Political Pawn

Damn right, it’s personal! For me this started out with a bad feeling after reading the Conservative Party’s (Høyre) agenda, their campaign propaganda to get voters. I soon found a piece about abortion that took me by surprise. They wanted to propose a change in the current law, which in …

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Tidbit Tuesdays: the 2014 Olympics

The Olympics start this Friday in Sochi, and I’m going to guess that many of us will watch at least some of the coverage with our families and it will be all over the news. So today I’d like to look at some resources that might be helpful or interesting …