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Congrats on your Light-Skinned Kids?

As a first-generation Indian-American daughter of immigrants, I’ve grown up surrounded by a fixation with skin color.  Most Indian women would never dream of the privilege (tic) of marrying a man lighter than herself.  So when I first married my predominantly European-American husband, one of my relatives lovingly said (translated …

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From the Front of Another Fictional War – Pink!

Just when you thought that it was safe to put your cultural howitzer in storage for another year’s War on Christmas, a new battle cry has been sounded for 2014 – “Stop the War on Pink!” cries this piece, with a subhead that barely avoids every online feminist’s favorite phrase, …

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Four Foolproof steps to a Post Baby Bikini Body

It’s that time of year.  Articles are everywhere on how to lose weight in the new year.  Add to that the issue of baby weight, and it’s almost impossible to escape the pressure to lose weight instantly and appear healthy and perfect after pregnancy It’s not enough to have built …

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Is Mr. Oogie Boogie Really that Scary?

I love my kids. They’re great kids. But they’re scaredy cats. When The Muppets came out a few years ago, I had to take the then-five-year-old out of the theater because he was screaming in terror whenever ominous music indicated a bad guy was about to speak. After begging us …

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Checking it Twice: An Elf’s Story

It was dark, finally, and Elfwina was able to relax and explore the house at will. It was Christmas Eve and the children had fought a lot that day, and she’d heard herself invoked several times: “Madison, if you don’t stop fighting with Jaspar, Elfwina will have to tell Santa …

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What’s Going to Work? Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love “The Wonder Pets”

So, first things first, we need to establish that I am “that person”. You know, the one who shouts things at the screen when kiddie shows get something wrong, like for example when there are, say, the wrong number of legs on a spider. They always get that wrong and …