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When Lactivism Kills

Recently, there have been so many sad, infuriating, and heartbreaking stories in the media that it’s hard to keep up. Surprisingly, the ones that are hitting me the hardest are not about politics. As a pregnant person, who is literally about to give birth to my third child, the stories …


Weekend Reads: Easter, My First Science Textbooks, and Diapers are a Luxury?

Happy Easter! Easter was actually yesterday, today is the much less hallowed Manic Monday I suppose, where we celebrate Jesus returning to Jerusalem  to find all of his stuff on the sidewalk outside his apartment. Thomas is found going through the holy possessions, “Dude, we thought you were like… dead.” …

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Please Don’t Eat Your Placenta

I am guessing you clicked on this post for one of two reasons. You are so grossed out by the thought of eating your own or anyone else’s placenta that you wanted to read more out of morbid curiosity. You want to skip to the end and tell me that …