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Being Pro-choice is Not Just About Supporting Abortion Rights

I was at Target with our four children (ages three to nine) when I heard the whispered comment: The condom aisle is that way. You do know how those things are made, right? My face filled with heat, and I turned to respond, but realized that he was gone, and I …


Foiling Fallacies – Women Who Use Abortion As Birth Control

This is my first post in a new series called Foiling Fallacies (FFS for short – which is generally what I mutter when someone uses a fallacy in an internet debate). In the series I will explore the examples that are often brought up to derail internet debates when all hope of …

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Stuff Parents Say

This morning I realized that I have officially become my mother. This is not a bad thing. Like many parents, I often find myself repeating the phrases that my mother said when I was young, some of which she still says today. There are the sweet things that she said, that make …


6 reasons being a mom is not ‘the hardest job in the world’ (It’s not even a job)

Nothing brings the bile up into my throat like people declaring that ‘being a mum is the hardest job in the world!!’. I had to almost give up the internet when that sentimental, smug video, about how difficult a ‘job’ it was to be a ‘mom’ seemed to be popping …


Weekend Reads: Chores and RPGs, Team Hoyt, Sex after Kids, etc

Hello hello!  Hoping you all are gearing up for an excellent weekend.  April 19th has always been an interesting day for me, because it’s how I always remember how many joules are in a calorie.  I was an engineering major, what can I say. Enough about my geekiness, lets find …


Equal Pay Day

As some of you may know, April 8 was Equal Pay Day. The date by which the average U.S. woman had to work this year in order to earn the same as the average man earned in 2013. There was some noise made about it this year but, all and …