Weekend Reads: Physics and Fingers, Mean Kids, Sexist Science, etc

Well hello hello!  Welcome back to weekend reads.  After a brief Thanksgiving hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance.  What are you in the mood for today?   If you’re looking for….some physics: A physicist explains to his daughter why fingers get cold. If you’re looking for….some mean girls: Unsurprisingly, it …

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Dear Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend/Sister/Cousin, I am really excited to hear about your impending bundle of joy! I will try to be a great friend and confidant. But I can’t guarantee it. When you go on at length about how easy it was to get pregnant, when you heard that a majority of …

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Again, a Mother. But Not a Woman.

(Trigger Warning: mention of self-injury and disordered eating) The femininity of pregnancy is almost undeniable. The acquisition of soft curves, the roundness of growth replacing hardness and angles. Breasts grow fuller, hair and nails thicker and longer. We, the child-bearers are expected to embrace this femininity in preparation for motherhood. …

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Where is my mind?

I used to be quite clever (maybe not modest, but kind of smart). I had a great memory. My deductive abilities were just dandy. I liked my brain and relied on it. In many ways my intellect defined me but somewhere in the last five years that has failed to …

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Growing Humans is Badass

I spend a fair amount of time on parenting support boards. To receive, but also and mostly, to give support. I think parents in our generation, for the most part, don’t have access to the “village” that our parents and grandparents had for advice and support. The internet gives us a unique …

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Interview with a Surrogate

I’ve never been pregnant my own self, but dammit I want to tell baby stories and I’m not too good to steal other people’s. I’m starting with my perfectly fertile friend Stacie, who agreed to share the story of her surrogate pregnancy. Turns out I’m really shitty at interviews and …

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A tale of two homebirth studies

To much fanfare, the Midwives Alliance of North America recently released the results of its five-year MANA Stats project, at last publishing the data collected from almost 17,000 midwife-attended home births in the US during the period 2004-2009. In the UK at the same time, a similar study was being conducted: …

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On the Recent Homebirth Statistics Fracas

If you’re a reader of Grounded Parents or the Skeptical OB, you’ve likely seen the recent guest post by Jamie Bernstein, Dr. Amy’s responses, and the hundreds of heated, emotional, intelligent, not-so-intelligent, and everything in between comments on both blogs. Early on, the debate hinged mostly on the interpretation of …

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Being An Incubator

Steph just had an awesome post on women’s rights when it comes to their right to life versus a “baby’s” right to life. It made me want to share my story of being an incubator. So no, we won’t delve into anything as thought provoking in this post, but I …


Having a Baby Made Me More Pro-Choice

I have always been pro-choice. I used to be the kind of pro-choice woman that believed no one in the world has the right to tell a woman what she has to do with her body. Having sex never meant giving up ownership of your body, not to a partner, …