Weekend Reads: Mothers Day, Female Tricksters, and Fairy Tales Explain Trump?

Happy Weekend Readers! In the United States it is Mothers Day, a day set aside to honor our Moms if they are deserving of honor. In a world where many people have been abused, abandoned or neglected by their Mother, biological or otherwise, we should take care to avoid pressuring them to …

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Feminist in a Metal Bikini

A few weeks ago, I was browsing my Facebook feed and came across this blog post. TL;DR: Mom and daughter see an action figure of Leia dressed in a metal bikini in the toy aisle. Mom deflects questions from her young child about it, having never seen the film. She writes …

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In Defense of the Princess Fantasy Or Hell Yeah We Have Tiaras in Our Closet

My daughter’s very favorite color is pink. Not green like her favorite living room chair or blue to match her eyes. The pinkest pink you can possibly imagine. Pink so pink red just shrugs in despair. She drapes herself in the color as if it were an essential part of …