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Choosy Moms Choose GMOs

I recently wrote about the Mother’s Day present of my dreams: For mandatory GMO labeling to never, ever take effect. I was an amazing mom all year, so I had my hopes up. Alas, all I got was a county-wide ban on GMOs in Oregon, and the more well-known and …

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Fed Up And The Change That’s Not Coming

A few weeks ago, Fed Up, a documentary about America’s obesity crisis, opened in theaters with a whole lot of media buzz and and a promise that the film will change the way we eat forever. I won’t be holding my breath. The goal of the film seems to be to expose Big Food but who …


All I Want for Mother’s Day is Non-labeled GMOs

As a parent, there are a few things I want my children to know. Of these, one is that vehement opinions can’t logically be had without at least basic understanding of an issue. Another is that it’s okay and righteous to change one’s mind when a convincing argument is presented. …


Ten Stupid Bullshit Things I’d Like To Leave Behind in 2013

I have no resolutions this year. Because I am doing me. Accepting that my ass resembles a pillow pet. Investing in spanx. I do, however, have a few great fantasies for 2014. I fantasize that my pediatrician will take back her advice to treat my daughter’s cold with homeopathy. Gah …