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Oh My Gosh, Look at Her Butt, Bass, Rape Culture, Macaw!

The other day I was mindlessly listening to the radio and heard my 23-month-old son singing along in the back seat. Awww cute. Wait a minute. What song is this? Anaconda. What did my sweet boy just say? I quickly changed the radio station when I realized that my son had sung the words …


Ask the right question: #whydoesheabuse?

As the country reels after another stunning high profile story of domestic violence hits the media, I am moved to tears reading the brave stories of #whyistayed and #whyileft. Everyone should take a moment and go read them. Thousands of people have shared their reasons for staying and leaving abusive relationships, …


Please Don’t Slut Shame My Preschooler

My daughter K had picked out a cute, purple twirly skirt to wear with her obligatory Frozen t-shirt to preschool. Me: Let’s find a pair of shorts to wear, too. K: Why? I CAN’T wear SHORTS! *audible sigh* It’s a twirly skirt! I can’t wear shorts with a twirly skirt! I won’t …


Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem

The issue of sexual assault and violence against women has moved to the forefront with the latest mass shooting by Elliot Rodger.  The #YesAllWomen twitter campaign shows the abuse and fear that all women experience on an almost constant basis.  Disturbingly, reactions to this campaign also shows the depth of …

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Saying No to Logan

When the Steubenville case broke into the news it was met with a combination of handwringing and finger pointing. While there was plenty of predictable shaming of the victim, the response to Steubenville also included some long overdue soul-searching about the privileged place that sports holds in American schools, and …