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Hanukkah is Not Your Christmas Side Dish!

I have a question for all of you folks who celebrate Christmas, in part, by celebrating the holidays and traditions of others. Are you still interested in Judaism or anything remotely related to Jewish culture once Christmas is over? Does your cultural curiosity extend beyond Judaism? Do you know anything …

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The Hanukah Circle

I named my daughter for a woman I never met. I only have a small picture of great grandmother Szerena. I’ve been told this is appropriate as my mom’s paternal grandmother was only about five feet tall in the high heels she wore even in her seventies. Szerena Adler came …

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They Put a Baby in a Manager?!

Being an Atheist can be difficult anywhere. But being an Atheist in a predominantly Christian area can be isolating and discouraging. My husband and I, from all outward appearances, seem to be typical middle class Midwesterners (read – well off, white Christians) with two beautiful, mostly well-behaved children. Two and a half …

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In Defense of Santa Claus and Unicorn Poop

I should start off by disclosing that I have neither a horrible nor a colorful de-conversion story. I don’t feel like I have had to overcome decades of lies about the world. I am not saying that religion isn’t harmful, just that it didn’t really have a harmful impact on …

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This is Our Happiness

As the August sun settled for a moment above the rooftops visible from our corner hospital room, I glanced down and the fresh pinkness of my newborn daughter, who was cradled against my chest. She was only a day old, but her shock of blond hair and cat-like cry had …