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Religious Instruction 101: In which we introduce the invisible superhero who controls everything

We are Atheists. My entire family is Atheist (as far as I know) and I was never raised to go to church, or pray or anything like that. Mou’s Dad is a non-practicing Catholic (whatever that means), and his mum was a follower of Sant Mat. And our daughter goes …

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What Made Me (Not) Do It

TW: Suicidal ideation As  Bethany noted over the weekend, it is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. In commemoration, let’s talk a little about children’s mental health. I’ll start. I was 9 the first time I thought about killing myself. Actually, I might have been 8 or even 7, but I …


Teaching Your Child To Talk Back; or, Raising the Young Skeptic

A few years ago, my kid came out into the living room, flung herself down on the couch, and began reading her current book.  I looked up from my own work to fret at her: “Will you please turn on the light if you’re going to read?  You’re going to …

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How Bullies Gave My Son A Better Education

My son, AJ, was in second grade when he had his first encounter with bullies. As I’ve mentioned before, here and here, AJ was diagnosed with special needs early in life. We were lucky that he began receiving early intervention services even before he left the hospital because he was born …

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Dinosaur Diorama Drama

The biggest project for Pickle this year is the Annual 1st Grade Dinosaur Museum. All of the first-graders do group projects, including big class projects and little in-class projects. But the big project every year is the diorama that they make at home and bring in to show off on …


Introductions from Ireland

Greetings from old Hibernia, a land where the saints are worse than the sinners and most of the sinners are too busy keeping up with their neighbors to have noticed. I just wanted to say hello and tell you a little about myself so that you would know what to …


Religion Weasels It’s Way into My Kids’ School

NOTE – This article was originally posted at Freethinking For Dummies and is posed here by the original author. Tonight was open house at our kids’ Middle School. As we walked in the door, we were greeted by a woman handing out blue flyers about a before school program for …

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Stealth Creationism

Last week, my friend Jay’s head asploded. Ok, not literally, but what better way is there to describe the experience of suddenly and jarringly discovering that your child is being taught to believe in young earth creationism and to reject evolution? Jay was recently faced with this realization after his …

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Guess what? Conservative CA Group Blows Chunks!

The School Success and Opportunity Act is a real nice law in the Great State of California that pretty much says that you don’t need a dick to play boys basketball. To be more specific, the law requires that California public schools respect students’ gender identity.This will enable students to participate …

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Between Authenticity and Acceptance

My stepson is a nerd. Through and through. He likes Yu-Gi-Oh and Doctor Who. He hates sports. He watches Youtube reviews of board games, and has watched his favorite episodes of TableTop and Co-Optitude so many times it’s driving his father and me crazy. In fact, he’s watching one right …