Leonardo da Vinci (attrib) - The Holy Infants
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Revealing the Big Secret

The boys hadn’t really been asking about sex, but sometimes it would come up indirectly. For example, “sexy” is a banned word at D’s school, and during his kindergarten year, he asked me what it meant. “Ummm… It means you’re so good looking that someone wants to kiss you.” My …

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Just what is “comprehensive” sex education?

(Note: This article is very US-centric, as that’s where I live, work, teach, and understand the politics. The general ideas are applicable anywhere but the specific information is based on the US.) Those of us who favor evidence-based, body-positive sexuality education in schools — education that comes without religion-based scare …

Cover of the book "It's Perfectly Normal" by Robie H. Harris
EducationSex and Sexuality

Tidbit Tuesdays: Sex-Ed Books for the Kids

(Featured image from Candlewick Press) When I was a librarian, one of the most difficult questions for patrons to ask me was for books that taught sex-ed to kids. Not that it was difficult for me (although one of the staff noticed the search history on the computer and came to …

Ages 2-5Sex and Sexuality

A quick look at gender development

Watching a young child come to understand sex and gender is fascinating. The process varies greatly depending on the child’s conceptual development and what information is given to them, but in general there are a few distinct stages that people tend to go through as they figure out what this …

Missouri Capitol

Show Me Some Good Bills

Recently, I published two articles about bills in the Missouri House of Representatives that attack the teaching of evolution in public schools. Fortunately, neither bill has proceeded very far yet (both HB1472 and HB1587 have only been referred to committee), so maybe these bad bills will die natural deaths. But …

Ages 2-5

Vagina, Vagina, Vagina

When I arrived to pick my daughter up from preschool the other day, I was motioned into a corner by her teacher, who presented me with an incident report to sign. My first thought was – “Is she hurt?” But, I soon learned that it was the “note sent home to your …

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Saying No to Logan

When the Steubenville case broke into the news it was met with a combination of handwringing and finger pointing. While there was plenty of predictable shaming of the victim, the response to Steubenville also included some long overdue soul-searching about the privileged place that sports holds in American schools, and …