Leonardo da Vinci (attrib) - The Holy Infants
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Revealing the Big Secret

The boys hadn’t really been asking about sex, but sometimes it would come up indirectly. For example, “sexy” is a banned word at D’s school, and during his kindergarten year, he asked me what it meant. “Ummm… It means you’re so good looking that someone wants to kiss you.” My …

Cover of the book "It's Perfectly Normal" by Robie H. Harris
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Tidbit Tuesdays: Sex-Ed Books for the Kids

(Featured image from Candlewick Press) When I was a librarian, one of the most difficult questions for patrons to ask me was for books that taught sex-ed to kids. Not that it was difficult for me (although one of the staff noticed the search history on the computer and came to …

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Hey There Dollface!

Maybe you’ve heard about this year’s Sports Illustrated cover girl? Even if you haven’t, you’ve heard of her. Or should that be it? Because the model on the cover of SI’s 50th Anniversary over-wrap isn’t a woman. It isn’t even a person. It’s a doll – Barbie, to be precise. Now there are a …

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Vagina, Vagina, Vagina

When I arrived to pick my daughter up from preschool the other day, I was motioned into a corner by her teacher, who presented me with an incident report to sign. My first thought was – “Is she hurt?” But, I soon learned that it was the “note sent home to your …

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Resources for parents of kids who don’t fit the heterosexual cisgender model

Let’s say that you’ve just found out that your child is LGBTQIA. Unless you live somewhere significantly more utopian than I do (in which case you don’t need this post), it means that your kid is likely to face some tough times. If you are reading this post, then I’m …

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Parenting Fail #4,275: Greek Yogurt Cures Gayness!

Keep it simple folks. Don’t try to be clever. It never ends well for us parental types. Ok, maybe it just never ends well for me. I’m driving my son to school when I start to wonder, out loud, whether the kids at school these days have any opinions about …