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DIY Sensory Friendly Vehicle Costume

When my 3 year olds wanted to be the trains Rocky and Diesel 10 from Thomas and Friends, it set up a couple of problems besides the fact that they’re not main characters so you can’t exactly just buy the costume or find a dozen tutorials on making them. Even …

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WTF Cure: The Cutler Protocol

Have you ever found yourself at the pharmacy thinking, “now HERE’S a job anyone can do. A bit of math, a decent memory. How hard can it be?” Or looked at your prescription and thought, “you know, I’ll bet I could throw together something twice as effective in my kitchen.” Yeah, me neither; and yet …

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Those Damn Horns: Learning to Parent for Special Needs

M, one of my 18 month old twins, loves big vehicles: buses are a favorite, but construction equipment, pick up trucks, and the USPS guy will do just fine. So, I was excited to surprise him with our community’s spring Touch a Truck event even though the twins have a few challenges left over from their …