Spoiler Alert: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

So I didn’t see the new Beauty and the Beast live action film this weekend because the boys in the house wanted to see Power Rangers… (we regret nothing!) So I’m handing over this Spoiler Alert to my lovely wife Naomi, who took the Schmoo and Peanut and their Nana …

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Spoiler Alert: Summer Movie Review

Summer Movie season is almost over, and this summer has been the first really active one at the Hellions compound.  With The Schmoo entering the Tween years at ten and The Grommet getting ready for first grade at six, everyone is old enough to see most PG films (the Peanut, …

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Spoiler Alert: Mr. Mom (1983)

The trailer for this film is much more sexist than the actual film, trust us.     If you are a Stay at Home Dad or a Work at Home Dad in the US, whether temporarily or by choice, you have probably had the label “Mr. Mom” stuck on you …