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Our Contribution to The Future

I’ve had kids in my house for over 21 years, some my own, some stepchildren. All of them, worrying, fun, infuriating, wonderful in turns. Now, for the first time in two decades, I’m kidless. Our youngest have moved out and will be starting college in the fall. I have arrived …

toddler plays on tablet device
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Fun Apps for Toddlers with Fine Motor Disabilities (Android)

My toddlers are nearing three and get limited screen time (per the AAP). I try to ensure that time is spent interacting with technology in the form of quality learning apps and engaging games. However, their fine motor delays narrow the list of apps they can use successfully significantly. Fine motor delays make it difficult to complete delicate tasks. …

homemade cookies
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Get Real Recipes: Teething Cookies

I am not a mom who has her shit together on homemaking baby-skills like many moms seem to. It’s not that I’m bad at creating things. I used to be pretty awesome. You wanted something yummy and homemade, I was your girl. You wanted a creatively retiled kitchen–I’m right there. …


My Mother, Myself

It’s 3 a.m. I’m lying on the floor of our bathroom. The cold tiles feel good against my skin and if I stay prone I can almost fool myself into believing that the worst might be over, that I may have finally flushed this flu/food poisoning/whatever-this-thing-is out of my system. …