Weekend Reads: Child Poverty in the US, Judgmental Moms, and Trump isn’t a Toddler

Happy Weekend Readers! The school year is coming to a close and Summer is rapidly approaching. That means it is probably past time to get your kids signed up for summer camp. Camp Quest Ohio is looking for volunteers after coming up short on staff and having to waitlist some …

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Muppet With Autism Makes Anti-vaxxers Lose Their Shit

I guess it was bound to happen. Sesame Street introduces a new character who has autism as part of a larger campaign, and anti-vaccine advocates are up in arms. But, unsurprisingly, when you look at the specific issues they have, there’s just not much there. Sesame Street is normalizing Autism! Heck yeah it is! …

entry of Good Times Park, Eagan MN
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Field Tripping: Good Times Park, Eagan MN

We took I-94 through Minnesota in the summer, and reached the St. Paul area on a hot, sunny day in desperate need of a place to eat lunch and to give my two year olds a chance to move. Fortunately, we stumbled on Good Times Park, an unsupervised indoor playground in Eagan, MN (just …

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What a Kid Wears? Not Our Business

My sons started showing style preferences when they were about 18 months old. I started out offering them a choice between two items of clothing. Because they weren’t quite verbal yet, they grabbed the one they want to wear, and flipped out if I insisted on the one they didn’t. Now that they …

baby looking at jack-o-lantern
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Trick or Treating (or not) and Toddlers

I love Halloween, and I love trick-or-treating. In fact, I love it so much I went trick or treating until college, always made my own costumes, and continue to love dressing up for Halloween. Imagine my joy when I had kids with whom I could share this love of Halloween. This is their …

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On Travel and Toddlers and Projectile Poop

I was changing my son in a parking lot midway through a move across the U.S., when he projectile pooped. The geyser propelled a conglomeration of hard and soft feces down his leg, and along the pavement. Normally, I’d have sworn a blue streak, but I had run out of …

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Those Damn Horns: Learning to Parent for Special Needs

M, one of my 18 month old twins, loves big vehicles: buses are a favorite, but construction equipment, pick up trucks, and the USPS guy will do just fine. So, I was excited to surprise him with our community’s spring Touch a Truck event even though the twins have a few challenges left over from their …


Weekend Reads: Chores and RPGs, Team Hoyt, Sex after Kids, etc

Hello hello!  Hoping you all are gearing up for an excellent weekend.  April 19th has always been an interesting day for me, because it’s how I always remember how many joules are in a calorie.  I was an engineering major, what can I say. Enough about my geekiness, lets find …

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Starting Early: the IDEA Act and Young Children

Several times a week, adults come to my house and play with my 16 month old twins. It’s pretty goofy. The adults balance blocks on their heads, smack their lips, and encourage the boys to grasp at toys beyond their reach. It looks like play, but it’s really therapy provided …

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My Toddler as a Dog: Or Why the Baby Leash is the Best Baby Product Ever!

Most baby products are as useless as a nasty mother-in-law. A baby changing table is less like a means of changing a baby safely and more like a big thing that takes up space in the baby’s room and holds stuff you don’t really need. I think I used ours …