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The Time Traveller’s Guide for Parents #4: Mothering Sunday

England, 18th century “THE Word Lent in the Saxon Tongue signifies Spring, and because this Time of Fasting begins in the Spring, it therefore borrows its Name from the Season, and is called Lent. THIS Fast is of such great Antiquity, that it seems to have been used from the …

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Don’t Be Scary This Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Time to watch the leaves change, put on cozy sweaters and put pumpkin pie spice in everything. At our house, it’s also time to pick out or make Halloween costumes. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I LOVE It. And …

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Tidbit Tuesdays: Love-Hate Relationship with Home Remedies and Other Etceteras

I don’t think I’m the only skeptic out there with a bit of an interest in alternative medicine, home remedies, and other such things that is more than what can be explained by mere exasperation with society and an interest in debunking. I’ve had something of an anthropological interest in …