Weekend Reads: Dinosaur Drawing, Time Studies, etc

Well hello hello!  I hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend this weekend, and a special shout out to all of those who got a special shout out from the US Supreme Court on Friday.  Vox has a good round up of the coverage here, and Trav over at Queereka has a good post about some mixed feelings.  While you’re reading those, grab some I Dough, I Dough from Ben and Jerry’s, and lets see what else is out there this week:


If you’re looking for….advice:

Lifehacker helps you figure out how to help your kids through the tough lessons of childhood (from Mary).

If you’re looking for….no advice:

Why parenting advice is so hard to take.

If you’re looking for….dinosaurs:

Or rather, modern animals if we drew them like we draw dinosaurs.  The human is….yikes.

If you’re looking for….another reason to vaccinate:

A 6 year old boy in Spain has died of diphtheria.  Tragic.

Also, the latest on the California vaccination bill.

If you’re looking for….a touching story:

A kid gets a birthday party invitation he doesn’t have to turn down. (from Mary)

And one more, because it’s nice to celebrate when people get it right.

If you’re looking for….how you spend your time:

Or at least how everyone does, the new US time study is out.


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