Weekend Reads: Halloween Candy and Wine, Bad Safety, etc

Well hello hello!  How’s everyone doing today? Good? Fantastic! Let’s dive right in.


If you’re looking for….what to do with leftover Halloween candy:

Um, pair it with wine. Obviously.

If you’re looking for….parenting advice for men:

Try the man who has it all tumblr. He takes typical parenting advice for women and gender flips. I’ll admit, even I was surprised how ridiculous this stuff sounds when not aimed at women.

If you’re looking for….bad safety examples:

Try ads in parenting magazines. A new study shows 16.5% of ads in top parenting magazines show unsafe situations.

If you’re looking for….the truth about only children:

Here you go. My husband’s an only child, and I actually am surprised how many people react in alarm when they hear that.

If you’re looking for….advice on being science-savvy on the internet:

Try this article, for parents. If you read sites like this I’d guess you know this already, but handy to have it in one place to send to others.


Bonus round!

ICYMI, links from our FB page:

Parenting without punishment

Bedtime math app

Religion and grieving a child

Bacteriophage decontamination of formula


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  1. The ‘Super Busy Dad’ blog was hilarious. I laughed out loud several time. Like this part here…

    ‘Read your favourite book, relax in a luxurious bubble bath or watch your favourite soap. Some dads use this time to fill in their gratitude journal.’

    BTW what is with the gratitude journals? Who came up with this?

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