Weekend Reads: Selfies, C-Section Scars, Etc

Well hello hello!  I’m exhausted but happy after spending the last few days at a conference. Thank goodness for Facetime so the little one and I could still chat. Love seeing that face. Anyway, what are you looking for this weekend?


If you’re looking for….a good barber:

Try this guy. He looks awesome.

If you’re looking for….a better morning:

Try these tips. Some of them don’t look terrifically helpful, but I may actually start wearing my bathrobe over my clothes.

If you’re looking for….a selfie explanation:

The science behind them. Interesting stuff.

If you’re looking for….some info on c-section scars:

This was interesting. 

If you’re looking for….some science vids:

Try these 5 YouTube channels.

If you’re looking for….some new books:

10 new kids books in 2015.


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