Weekend Reads: What New Dads Want For Fathers Day, When Children Say They Can’t, and Understanding Consent…and Tea

Happy Fathers Day  to all the Dads out there. Let’s get straight to the links and then back outside because it’s Summer!

The Kitchn has a great list of things new Dads really want for Father’s Day. 

Speaking of lists, here’s 15 ways you are shaming other Moms (or Dads). 

What do we do when our kids say they can’t do something, yet they can… we know they can? 

I really hate the title of this piece by  at Slate, but it turned out to be a very nuanced look at how our need as parents to comfort our children and our children need to express themselves emotionally intersect.

(CN: Sexual Assault, Rage) A 14 year old girl is sexually assaulted in school, gets suspended for it… seriously.

(CN: Orlando Shooting, Homophobia) How do you tell your son that 49 people were massacred for being gay, just like him? 

Aside… I’ve decided to start adding Content Notices before links that might be particularly upsetting so that folks can better decide whether that link will be good for them to read at that particular moment. If you find this at all upsetting or controversial, please bite me.

Finally, from Vox... Last year the Thames Valley police station released a cute cartoon that explains consent using tea…

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