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I looked Luke in the eye and asked him what he wanted to try next. He grinned, and seemed to think about it. I could see the wheels of his mind turning. I already knew what he was going to ask. A lot of guys who look at me notice my big ass and from that moment, they’ve got one question in mind. How in hell did I get such a big ass? Or, my all-time favorite, they’re wondering whether or not I’m into anal sex. Well, the answer was yes. Something which pleased Luke, who smiled from ear to ear. I got on all fours and spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. He got behind me, and the wicked fun began. I felt something hard press itself against my asshole. I braced myself for the wildness to come. Luke placed his big hands on my hips and pushed his cock inside my ass.

I grimaced as Luke’s cock popped into my asshole. Hot damn it hurts! He pushed his dick deeper inside of me. I’m no amateur, so I opened myself to the experience. He pushed more and more of himself into me. I felt my ass widen to accommodate the bulk of his cock. I urged him to be a tad bit gentler. Even the strongest woman on the planet will scream if you ram a titanic cock up her ass sans lube. Guaranteed. Even though I’ve got a really big booty porn, I had a rather small asshole. Well, maybe not for much longer. This was Luke’s first time having anal sex and the big black stud was going to make it sound. So he plowed into my asshole with his big cock like a miner looking for gold. I screamed as he fucked me. Damn, I’ve never been fucked like this before.

Luke didn’t care about being gentle or patient. He just rammed his cock inside me like an army storming an enemy castle. I squealed as I felt his long and thick black cock plunge into the forbidden depths of my asshole. Into places where I didn’t think he could go. Apparently he could. He even grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and yanked my head back while jamming his cock into my ass. That’s when I howled. Loud enough to wake the dead. I could feel his cock moving inside me. His laughter filled my ears. He told me that he loved the feel of my tight ass around his cock. Laughing, he gently bit my ear and continued to fuck me. Oh, man. The sensation of his big cock moving in and out of my ass was something else. I found myself getting off on it. So much that I found myself asking for more. Yes, I actually wanted more of his cock up my butt hole. Was that so hard to believe? He fucked me vigorously. Going in hard and fast, until he came, flooding my insides with his hot cum. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Luke laughed and smacked my big booty tube, telling me that I was the best fuck he ever had.

Your cock’s hard as a poker. You mount her big body, slipping one hand under her luscious butt while your other hand guides your cock tip through the enormous cunt lips, all flooded now with warm wet pussy juice. Your first fuck thrust gives her all you’ve got, and she moves that big butt to meet it. Her big body blends into the water bed mattress, until it feels like you’re fucking a whole world of big luscious woman. Her enormous boobs push against your chest. She murmurs “Suck my titties” and you pick up a fat flopper and take its hard nipple into your mouth. She moves her butt even more and starts making cumming noises. You keep up the fuck thrusts and she keeps cumming. Her tight pussy squeezes and sucks at your dick, and you know that your dick isn’t going to take no for an answer for very much longer.

“Let me suck you off now,” she says, and you slip out. Somehow she rearranges herself so your hands can reach her big tits tube, and she daintily opens her mouth around your love banana. She knows right where the tip of her tongue will do the most good, and you know there’s no more holding back. You cry out “Oh Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” and pour out your salty fuck juice onto her teasing tongue. She keeps on teasing as she sucks out every drop. You embrace her and hold her big body close, totally exhausted, folding her into your arms, sandwiching your body in between her soft warm body and the soft warm water bed. You just want to lie like that and sleep with her forever.

She breaks the spell. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got an awful day tomorrow. I’ve just gotta get home and get some sleep. You just sleep. Call me tomorrow.” You hold her and kiss her once more and then she’s gone. Laurie.

Somehow you get through the next day. Your head’s spinning around those enormous boobs. As soon as you know she’s home from school you call her. There’s that incredible warm voice. “T.G.I.F.,” she chuckles. “Let’s meet at the flea market tomorrow. I’m looking for a toaster oven. Meet me around 9 where that old Chicano man sells vegetables. You know Isidro.” The Spanish name rolls off her sweet tongue.

It’s already hot and dusty at the flea market when you get there. You check out Sam who sells old books and magazines. You buy a couple of old numbers of one of those magazines about really BIG girls he’s put aside for you, but this morning Mary Waters does about as much for you as Meryl Streep. The flea market is the best place in town to go look at girls, particularly big girls, but this morning there’s only one girl you want to look at. You head for the cool north corner where they sell fruit and vegetables. and that’s where you find Laurie, chattering away in Spanish with the old vegetable man.

When you see Laurie, you about drop what you’re carrying, and your teeth as well. All she’s wearing up top is a pale lavender cotton T-shirt with “Perfection” in a slanting script across the front. She’s the biggest girl you’ve ever seen go braless. The T-shirt is almost horizontal above her huge boobs, and then hangs vertical from her erect nipples, forgetting to go back and wrap around her waist like you’d think a respectable T-shirt would want to do. Her dark areolae show through the T-shirt, even their little nubbiny bumps visible through the thin fabric. Below, she’s wearing cut-off blue jeans, with a faded designer label from one of those places that makes blue jeans that fit women with BIG asses. Laurie’s ass doesn’t quite fit the cut, but bulges out below the raveled edge of the blue jeans to reveal its edge next to her big soft thigh. She chuckles “Hi” and gives you a big hug. Old Isidro is lucky he isn’t killed by a flying zipper. You see him chuckle too, his old eyes crinkling.

“Isidro’s got the first Texas cantaloupes of the season,” she tells you as you snuggle into her enormous melons. “I’ve known Isidro for years. His father and my grandmother went to school together on el West Side.” You look a little puzzled. “My grandmother’s an old Canary Islander from San Antonio. That’s where I get my big green eyes.” You ask her where she gets her Texas canteloupes and she chuckles “from Isidro” and keeps laughing until her big tits porn jiggle in the glaring sun. You think you may just quietly go crazy.

You take her hand and start walking along one of the dusty paths between the tables and tailgates. You let a fingertip trace the path between the edge of her butt and the edge of her thigh and she murmurs “mmmm”.