Letter about head lice

Weekend Reads: Science Discussion and Headlice, Texas, Breastfeeding, etc

Well hello hello! How’s everyone doing today?   If you’re looking for….some science: This paper takes a look at how parents use/cite science in online forums when discussing head lice.  Interesting discussion on how we process science when there’s no great science to be had.  Full paper here. If you’re looking for….some breastfeeding news: This is an intere... »

Report from Skepticon: CampQuest

Report from Skepticon: CampQuest

I’m at Skepticon this weekend. It’s the nation’s largest free conference on skepticism, science, intersectionality, and atheism. It brings feminist-friendly atheism to Springfield, MO, one of the buckles of America’s broad Bible belt. I love this conference. There are so many awesome people here talking about so many issues that are relevant to humanists, from socio-economi... »

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Are we saps for being SAHPs?

Podcasts have become a big part of the rhythm of my week as a stay at home parent. My day to day chores, folding laundry, cooking and then cleaning the kitchen, running errands and grocery shopping are accompanied by the guys at the Grantland NFL Podcast, Caustic Soda (this week is the first part of their Pregnancy and Childbirth episode,) The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (co-hosted by ou... »

Third Thursday (Thankful) Television

Third Thursday (Thankful) Television

It’s that time of year…when the world falls in love…tries desperately to stave off the onslaught of Christmas carols and instead focuses briefly, not on the things that we want (just a few more weeks kids), but on those things that we are grateful to have. For example, my colleagues here at Grounded Parents are thankful that I resisted the urge to start talking about December hol... »

Minnesota license plate reads

Minnesota School Districts Contribute to the Dumbing Down of America by Going GMO-free

Just yesterday, I saw alarming information on GMO Free USA’s Facebook page. Emblazoned in all caps on an image of happy kids I read, “MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE WORKING TO REMOVE GMOs IN AN EFFORT TO ‘SUPPORT KIDS’ LONG TERM HEALTH.’” There is so much wrong with this message that I could barely believe my eyes. My brain was under assault, my stomach turned, and my heart sank. In my frustration... »

Kid Drawing

Make Her a Damn Burrito: Raising the Young Artist

Here at chez delagar, we’re all working artists.  Dr. Skull is a poet and a musician; I write science fiction.  The kid runs a web comic which has (literally) hundreds of dedicated fans and (now) a spin-off comic of its own. This is exactly the sort of life I always wanted, mind you.  If I had designed a life on spec at thirteen and submitted it to some Galactic Designer/Overlord, it would have lo... »

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