Pizzagate Is Why We Need Skepticism

If you don’t live in DC, you probably associate Washington with national politics and all its current associated nastiness. But, believe it or not, those of us who actually live here are regular people too, just getting our kids to school, going to work and even going out for pizza once in awhile. So when a man …


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  • User AvatarHanoumatoi Wasn't it nice when it looked like things might go that way? =( – Nov 19, 8:24 PM
  • User AvatarTopher My son lives in Canada. One of his first reactions was, "Hillary had more votes but Trump won???" Time for the Electoral College lesson. "You... – Nov 09, 12:11 PM
  • User Avatarjohnsemlak My 8 year old said "It's not that bad." – Nov 09, 12:10 PM
  • User AvatarCerys Gruffyydd Rose, I understand what you are saying, and am considering it. I tried to make it very clear that having a trans child is not... – Nov 06, 9:50 PM
  • User AvatarRose Fox Wow, as a trans person who transitioned as an adult, the friend of several people with trans kids, and the parent of a child who's... – Nov 06, 9:17 PM
  • User Avatarmleuther yes, donated milk should be screened, many breast pumps serious source of contamination, my own using a poorly designed pump to feed my premature child... – Nov 02, 10:37 AM


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How I Became a Reasonable Mom

Next week in Washington, DC, I’m taking part in a panel discussion on what it means to be a reasonable mom. But I didn’t exactly begin my “mom life” as anything resembling reasonable. There was a long period of time when I believed a good birth had to be a drug-free …


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A Very Grounded Parents Gender Reveal Video

Steph and Clay share their baby’s gender with the world Grounded Parents’ style. Video transcript: Katelyn and Ian: Our family’s gender reveal video! Steph and Clay’s gender reveal video, take 1 Steph: Hey honey, I made you a gender reveal cake. Clay: I love cake! I have heard about gender …


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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The Scourge of the Man Bun

Hello there! I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere had a happy Summer vacation. Summer is still kind of full time work for this stay at home parent, which is why the Derby has been quiet for a few months. But the kids are back in school so lets sweep …


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No, I’m Not Scaring My Kids By Discussing President Trump

Like many other parents, I woke up on November 9th afraid for the future and struggling to find the right words to explain the election to my children. Though I didn’t know exactly what to say and the end result was probably far from perfect, I shared my fears about President …