Weekend Reads: Lunch Shaming, My Son Wore a Dress and Nothing Happened, and Atheist Parenting in Kenya

Happy Weekend Readers! Sorry for the unforeseen delay in our link delivery schedule. Real life got mad busy unexpectedly. Or I’m bad at scheduling. Okay, we went to Kings Island amusement park and rode ALL OF THE RIDES and I completely forgot about you guys… sorry 🙂 A cafeteria worker …


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  • User AvatarHanoumatoi I believe that the Jim Carrey picture is from "In Living Color", not Mad TV – Sep 25, 5:51 AM
  • User AvatarJon Brewer Is it weird that I see this instead? Or just really nerdy? My favorite overly-gendered product was the Texas Double Whopper. So much fail there.... – Sep 20, 6:42 PM
  • User Avatarkagehi As I understand it the so called "abortion reversal" is basically using one set of hormones to undo the effects of the most common method... – Sep 18, 8:48 PM
  • User AvatarSteph Good point. – Sep 06, 2:59 PM
  • User Avatarshalala Beautiful post, but I do have one quibble. If that school were being progressive with that form, it wouldn't look as though without a parent... – Sep 03, 10:57 AM
  • User Avatarcrossroadskate I feel like I want to boycott anything that says organic on it. I already don't buy organic because it's too pricey. Every time I... – Sep 01, 11:17 PM



There’s a New Facebook Group for Food Allergy Parents And It’s Science-Based

My daughter has a life-threatening peanut allergy so just about every day I find myself looking at new posts, pictures or other related news. Sometimes, like with the peanut patch, it’s exciting. Sometimes, like with the cost of Epi-pens, it’s frustrating. But most of the time? It’s fear-based and flat out wrong. Why is the food allergy …


Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Grounded Pregnancy: Are You Planning to Breastfeed? And Other Personal Questions People Ask Pregnant People

Random Stranger: Are you planning to breastfeed your baby? Me: Wow, that’s a really personal question. I didn’t realize it was any of your business, but since we are clearly close friends, how often do you masturbate? Sadly, I haven’t responded this way. It’s on the running list of l’esprit de l’escalier …


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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The Scourge of the Man Bun

Hello there! I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere had a happy Summer vacation. Summer is still kind of full time work for this stay at home parent, which is why the Derby has been quiet for a few months. But the kids are back in school so lets sweep …


Parenting Styles

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To Monitor or Mentor: A Review of Screenwise by Devorah Heitner

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up Screenwise: Helping Kids Survive (and Thrive) in Their Digital World, by Devorah Heitner. This new book, officially out today, explores the intersection of childhood, parenting and all these devices that we are all carrying around all the time. As someone …