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Not Bad, Just Different

Months ago, my toddler’s doctor suggested an Autism evaluation. It was expected. At 18 months old, he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder on top of his existing developmental delays, and has had therapy from an early age to help them clear these and other hurdles. In the weeks leading up to the evaluation, …


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  • User AvatarDeek sigh. . .yes. I call it "riding out the storm." I hate how we're judged as being too mean when we do that, but being... – Oct 08, 7:55 PM
  • User AvatarDeek We have no family history of autism on the side of the family for which we have a complete medical history, but the causes of... – Oct 08, 7:53 PM
  • User Avataralexthegreatest Do you have a family history of autism? I'm curious about that since I recently came across this:   > http://www.scientificamerican.... > New Study: Autism... – Oct 08, 3:34 PM
  • User AvatarGiliell Welcome to the club! My oldest is mildly autistic, at the "brink" of the diagnosis (and man did I get frustrated by those questionaires. First... – Oct 07, 5:59 PM
  • User AvatarTarragon Leigh When you're very good at some things, better than most others, it's even harder for people to believe that you can be so much worse... – Oct 07, 4:21 PM
  • User AvatarDeek I sympathize with coming at this from the other side, and I agree that it's probably the same in some ways because it means not... – Oct 07, 11:21 AM


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The Weakest Link

Recently one of our bloggers asked for input on a new article, which promoted a link between acetaminophen (Tylenol) use and autism. In that post, Dr. Margulis argues that prenatal or juvenile use of acetaminophen may be linked to autism spectrum disorder, pointing to various scientific sources. Unfortunately, she greatly …


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How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

I have been having sex (both consensual and non-consensual, and with some significant hiatuses) since I was 12 years old. I am now 45. In all that time, I have never had an unplanned pregnancy. I have never had an abortion. What I did have (and might still have) was …


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Feminist in a Metal Bikini

A few weeks ago, I was browsing my Facebook feed and came across this blog post. TL;DR: Mom and daughter see an action figure of Leia dressed in a metal bikini in the toy aisle. Mom deflects questions from her young child about it, having never seen the film. She writes …


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Anxiety Amplification: Sending an Offspring to College in the Age of Facebook

When Offspring saw this post title over my shoulder, xe said, “But I’m not on Facebook, why are you worried?” so I’ll start with the clarification. It’s not what Offspring might do on Facebook that feeds my anxiety (for obvious reasons), it’s being on Facebook, myself, that is the problem. …