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A Very Grounded Parents Gender Reveal Video

Steph and Clay share their baby’s gender with the world Grounded Parents’ style.

Video transcript:

Katelyn and Ian: Our family’s gender reveal video!

Steph and Clay’s gender reveal video, take 1

Steph: Hey honey, I made you a gender reveal cake.

Clay: I love cake! I have heard about gender reveal cakes. This is where you cut into the cake and the color of the cake tells you the gender, right?

Steph: Well…sort of…why don’t you go ahead and cut it?

Clay: Alright! I can’t wait. It smells great. Alright. Here we go.

Steph: Well…what is it?

Clay: It’s a…umm…are we sure we did the cake right?

Steph: Of course we did. I made it.

Clay: Well of course. But, I mean…what’s it saying? What’s the gender, hon?

Steph: Here, let me take a look. No that’s right.

Clay: What’s the gender?

Steph: Gender is a social construct, honey.

Clay: Oh! It’s a social commentary. Mmmmmmmmm, tastes like feminism.

Gender Reveal Video, take 2

Steph: Hey Clay! The ultrasound technician put a sonogram in this envelope. Do you want to find out the gender?

Clay: Oh yeah. Sure.

Steph: It’s….a….velociraptorcorn? I totally think she put the wrong one in there.

Clay: I don’t know. I have something to tell you.

Steph: What?

Clay: Gender is a social construct.

Steph: Oh


Steph and Clay’s Gender Reveal Video, take 3

*Theme from Doogie Houser, MD plays*

Clay: Hey hon, whatcha doing?

Steph: I’m just posting a picture of the ultrasound on Facebook.

Clay: Can I see?

Steph: Sure

Gender is a social construct.

Image and video credits: Steph, all rights reserved.


Steph is a mom, stepmom, freelance writer, and advocate. When she's not busy writing, chasing kids around, cleaning up messes, and trying to change the world, Steph enjoys snuggling, making pies, politics, reading paranormal fiction, yoga, and fitness. A fully recovered natural parent, Steph now trusts science, evidence, and common sense to lead the way. She has been actively involved in the reproductive and women's rights movements for more than 20 years and is a passionate pro-choice feminist. Her writing can be found on Grounded Parents, Romper, The Cut, and other print and online publications

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