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Don’t Like. Don’t Share. Don’t Comment. Don’t Pray.

You may have seen it in your Facebook news feed: a picture of a mother in the NICU cradling her baby surrounded by medical equipment, a smiling child with down syndrome, a trach tube, a cleft palate, or missing a limb. Maybe there’s a frail child curled up in a hospital bed, or …

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Round Table: Handling Stressful Moments Without Prayer

Today’s round table discussion is a question for parents who don’t subscribe to a specific religion. How do you handle those moments when you feel helpless or frustrated as a parent, and the stress piles up to the point you feel as if you are going to snap? It seems …

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Muppet With Autism Makes Anti-vaxxers Lose Their Shit

I guess it was bound to happen. Sesame Street introduces a new character who has autism as part of a larger campaign, and anti-vaccine advocates are up in arms. But, unsurprisingly, when you look at the specific issues they have, there’s just not much there. Sesame Street is normalizing Autism! Heck yeah it is! …

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Not Bad, Just Different

Months ago, my toddler’s doctor suggested an Autism evaluation. It was expected. At 18 months old, he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder on top of his existing developmental delays, and has had therapy from an early age to help them clear these and other hurdles. In the weeks leading up to the evaluation, …

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Trigger Warnings Will Destroy Us ALL! (or not)

Trigger Warning: infant death, graphic description of fetal tissue There is this man who stands a block from the entrance to my workplace. He props up two four-foot signs emblazoned with photographs of bloody, dead, micro-preemie babies, and another with the words “Stop Abortion Now!” I say “babies” despite knowing that these are fetuses, despite knowing …

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The ADA Turns 25 Today

The Americans with Disabilities Act is 25 years old today.  It has its detractors, but the ADA was hard fought for by politicians and activists, and has made a world of difference. My twins were micro-preemies, and have developmental delays consistent with extreme prematurity that fall into the following categories: motor …

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Fun Apps for Toddlers with Fine Motor Disabilities (Android)

My toddlers are nearing three and get limited screen time (per the AAP). I try to ensure that time is spent interacting with technology in the form of quality learning apps and engaging games. However, their fine motor delays narrow the list of apps they can use successfully significantly. Fine motor delays make it difficult to complete delicate tasks. …


Meet the Pro-Vax Bullies

As National Infant Immunization Week winds down, it seems like a good time to take a good look at the Vaccine Bullies. According to countless anti-vaccine blogs and memes they’re everywhere, pushing a pro vax agenda and stepping all over parents’ freedom. It turns out that pro-vaccine bullies in my town are …

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Enough! Stop Calling me Mommy

The first person to call me “mommy” was a NICU nurse to whom I was bringing vials of breast milk to refrigerate. The hospital’s guidelines tell staff to encourage each mother’s pumping effort, and this nurse said “Wow! Great job mommy!” then turned to my son’s isolette and gushed “Didn’t mommy do well …


No Patience for This: Vaccinating the Smallest Babies

My sons were at thirty-two weeks gestation when the doctor said, “looks like it’s time for their two month vaccinations.” I recoiled in surprise–they were technically two months old, but they were micro preemies. If they had been term babies, they wouldn’t have been born for another two months and they were so small. …