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Peter Rabbit’s Problems are Bigger than Allergies

Note: spoilers, and graphic descriptions of violence similar to domestic assault. Sony has already apologized for how their children’s movie Peter Rabbit makes light of anaphylactic shock during a scene where the hero and his friends shoot a blackberry into their enemy’s mouth knowing that he is allergic. Weaponizing a food …

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DIY Sensory Friendly Vehicle Costume

When my 3 year olds wanted to be the trains Rocky and Diesel 10 from Thomas and Friends, it set up a couple of problems besides the fact that they’re not main characters so you can’t exactly just buy the costume or find a dozen tutorials on making them. Even …

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Road Tripping: Geek Girl Con 2017

Every fall in Seattle geeks converge on the Washington Convention Center for Geek Girl Con. This year I attended with my four year olds and their grandma. The convention proved to be a great experience for all three generations of our family, and I recommend it for yours. Upsides The …

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You Too Can Fix All the Parents

This is me tired. This is me fed up. This is me thinking I should have a glass of wine while writing this post. I have had it up to my eyeballs with articles insisting our children are being ruined because we’re lousy parents. To prove how bad things are, these articles often cite …


DeVos: Expanding Disaster for Public Education

There are so many terrifying things happening in our federal government right now that it’s easy to miss a cabinet post confirmation vote that could destroy public education. The president nominated Michigan’s Betsy DeVos, a wealthy advocate for dismantling public schools who has no actual education experience for Secretary of Education. As someone who attended Michigan …

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Book Review: Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life

Explaining evolution to young children is tough. Maybe that’s why creationists seem to have cornered the market on books for preschoolers tackling how we got here. But, J.R. Becker’s new book Annabelle & Aiden: The Story of Life takes on the difficult task of making Darwinian evolution interesting, understandable and engaging for young learners. Published this …

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9 Grounded Parents React to Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

While Grounded Parents does not endorse a specific political candidate or party, some of us had reactions to the speech Hillary Clinton gave at the Democratic National Committee that we wanted to share. The views expressed are those of the individual bloggers and not necessarily the blog as a whole. …

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Weighing the Dangers of Dough

I love eating raw cookie dough and making play dough. So, you will understand my sorrow when the FDA declared raw eggs off limits. And now the FDA suggests we skip tasting raw batter and doing doughy crafts because of flour. According to the FDA blog, “the bottom line for you and your kids is …

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Autistic Views on Autism: Essential Reads for Neurotypical Parents

When my child was first diagnosed with autism, I found tons of online resources by and for neurotypical parents, therapists and autism awareness advocates. Basically, people like me trying to understand and work with people like my kid. These sources are useful for avoiding a sense of isolation, finding resources, and developing a network of support with …

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An Otter Got my Kid to Use an Inhaler

My preschooler has asthma. When he was diagnosed, we got books on asthma for kids and explored the Sesame Street A is For Asthma website (a wonderful resource for kids who like Sesame Street). But, nothing seemed get him interested in his daily inhaler with it’s spacer and mask that went over his mouth and …