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Trick or Treating (or not) and Toddlers

I love Halloween, and I love trick-or-treating. In fact, I love it so much I went trick or treating until college, always made my own costumes, and continue to love dressing up for Halloween. Imagine my joy when I had kids with whom I could share this love of Halloween. This is their …

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Halloween Candy: Deadly or Delicious? (Part 2)

Part 2: Razors and Needles, Poison, and Sexual Predators Razor blades, poisons and sexual predators may be an odd combination, but it gives me a chance to introduce Joel Best, a professor at the University of Delaware who has been researching and writing about Halloween sadism for over 30 years, and has looked …

angel demon with candy
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Halloween Candy: Deadly or Delicious? (part 1)

Part 1: Drugs, GMOs, Toxins & Fat It’s time for the annual festival of fear here in the United States. I’m not talking Halloween; I’m talking about articles, news stories, and old facebook posts gone viral screaming at parents to be wary of strangers putting dangerous things in their little ghost …

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On Travel and Toddlers and Projectile Poop

I was changing my son in a parking lot midway through a move across the U.S., when he projectile pooped. The geyser propelled a conglomeration of hard and soft feces down his leg, and along the pavement. Normally, I’d have sworn a blue streak, but I had run out of …

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WTF Cure: The Cutler Protocol

Have you ever found yourself at the pharmacy thinking, “now HERE’S a job anyone can do. A bit of math, a decent memory. How hard can it be?” Or looked at your prescription and thought, “you know, I’ll bet I could throw together something twice as effective in my kitchen.” Yeah, me neither; and yet …

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Boundless Playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds are awesome—kids enjoy unstructured play, take risks, build stuff using random supplies, and only occasionally get hurt. Begun as junk playgrounds in the mid 20th century, these play areas have new popularity. According to Fair Play for All Children, “children engage in a far greater variety of activities on adventure …

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The NICU, Part 3: What not to say to a Preemie parent

Note: I’m indulging in a not-so-skeptical post today, but I’m including Star Wars Lego pictures, so that makes up for it a little, right? When my children were in the NICU, many people were often at a loss for what to say, while others spoke without thinking. Sometimes, that resulted in comments …

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When Diagnoses Differ

My former micro-preemie twins get regular occupational therapy, physical therapy and an early childhood educator courtesy of the state’s early intervention program. But, even with the therapy, M is far behind developmentally, and exhibits a host of behaviors that his brother does not: licking things, staring at lights, rocking, hitting his head against the wall, etc. …

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Facebook Bikini Hullabaloo and Raising Kids Without Shame

Last month a blog entry titled “My husband Doesn’t need to see your Boobs” kept appearing in my news feed accompanied by conservative praise, and liberal mocking.  The writer was a conservative Christian woman who wanted other women to stop posting pictures of themselves in bikinis because it was ruining her marriage. Some …

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Those Damn Horns: Learning to Parent for Special Needs

M, one of my 18 month old twins, loves big vehicles: buses are a favorite, but construction equipment, pick up trucks, and the USPS guy will do just fine. So, I was excited to surprise him with our community’s spring Touch a Truck event even though the twins have a few challenges left over from their …