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Facebook Bikini Hullabaloo and Raising Kids Without Shame

Last month a blog entry titled “My husband Doesn’t need to see your Boobs” kept appearing in my news feed accompanied by conservative praise, and liberal mocking.  The writer was a conservative Christian woman who wanted other women to stop posting pictures of themselves in bikinis because it was ruining her marriage. Some …

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Those Damn Horns: Learning to Parent for Special Needs

M, one of my 18 month old twins, loves big vehicles: buses are a favorite, but construction equipment, pick up trucks, and the USPS guy will do just fine. So, I was excited to surprise him with our community’s spring Touch a Truck event even though the twins have a few challenges left over from their …

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Memorial Day

I am the child of pacifists (my father was one of the first service members in the state to become a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, and he and my mother were heavily active in the war’s protests). But, I am also part of a military family. The conflict between these two …

Beluga Whales (pic by Deek)
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Field Tripping: Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut

The east coast houses its fair share of amazing aquariums. It’s easy to expect a big space, glorious sweeping architecture, and expansive exhibits. Yet, I’ve always been a fan of smaller spaces with more quirks and character. Careful design and interesting exhibits work together to provide a great experience at the …

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The NICU Part 2: Ridiculously Long List of Ways to Help a NICU Parent

Note: this is part two in an ongoing series about life as a long-term NICU parent. Find part 1 here. Before we had kids, our friends’ daughter was in the NICU for heart surgery. They were almost 5,000 miles away and nothing seemed helpful to send, so we did absolutely …

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Time Magazine and the Impending Twin-pocalypse

An April 16 Time magazine article, “The Problem With America’s Twin Epidemic,” by Sarah Elizabeth Richards, had me nervously looking left and right for a raging epidemic of twins spawned by in vitro fertilization (IVF). Like a paired zombie horde, they would shamble across the nation, incurring unnecessary medical costs and …

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Starting Early: the IDEA Act and Young Children

Several times a week, adults come to my house and play with my 16 month old twins. It’s pretty goofy. The adults balance blocks on their heads, smack their lips, and encourage the boys to grasp at toys beyond their reach. It looks like play, but it’s really therapy provided …

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Get Out of My Head! Frustrating Assumptions about Mothers

Something magical happened when I got pregnant. Apparently, my skull went clear and suddenly everyone could see my thoughts before I knew them; and amazingly enough, those thoughts and motivations aligned perfectly with those of the person seeing them. I was suddenly pro-life, pro-choice, pro-exclusively breastfeeding, pro-formula, religious, atheist, an …

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The NICU, Part 1: Happily Ever After. . .Almost

(Trigger Warning: infant loss, NICU trauma) A year ago today, our happy ending began. After 122 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, my son came home, joining his brother who had arrived 10 days previously.  Born at just under 1 ½ lbs each, the twins weighed 5 lbs when …

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TV Review: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

I didn’t mean to watch TV with my 16-month-olds. I realize they’re too young. But, we were all sick, and it was either distract them or run the risk of throwing up on them. So television became my instant best friend. Fortunately, in the process I discovered pretty good program for …