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Cross-post: Why the Sesame Street-HBO Deal is a Good Thing

Editor’s note: this post is written by Rebecca Watson and originally appeared on Skepchick.org ****** Support more videos like this at patreon.com/rebecca! Sorta transcript: Sesame Street, the public television show that has taught little kids to count, write, and tell near from far for 45 years, has just been sold …

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How to Clean Vomit From a Car Seat (in 16 Easy Steps!)

I’m going to start this post with a warning that this article contains a frank discussion of vomit, so if you can’t handle it, turn away now. (Even though we as parents do clean up a lot of gross things, some of us still have weak stomachs to deal with.) Most …

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Science for Kids: Shine a Penny With Ketchup and Salt

This science trick is so easy, you can do it in a fast food restaurant. First, grab some ketchup and salt packets and some napkins. Squirt the ketchup on the napkin (you may need more than 1 napkin because the cheaper ones tend to break apart, and you don’t want …

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A Tired Parent Reviews Classic Children’s Books

I’ve always loved reading, and I know how important it is to read to children, so of course my daughter has a well-stocked bookshelf. What I didn’t consider was that even the best children’s book loses something when you have to read it hundreds of times. I don’t even need …


We Get Mail: On Issues of Great Importance

Occasionally, we get comments or emails about the issues that we write about. Recently, Deek wrote an article about not wanting anyone other than her children to refer to her as “Mommy,” and so she was on the receiving end of a bunch of comments along the lines of, “stop …

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Guest Post: No, False Balance Is Not Responsible Journalism

Ed’s Note: Today’s guest post author wished to remain anonymous. This post is about the idea that every viewpoint has an equally valid opposite, based on the erroneous notion any contrasting view is equally credible, no matter how unsupported that opinion is.  ***** One of the local TV stations here in Maine airs …

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Reader Question: How Do You Handle Anti-Vax Relatives?

Sometimes, we get letters from our readers looking for specific articles. (We do read all the emails that we get!). Recently, we received this letter on how to deal with anti-vax grandparents: My husband and I are planning to have kid(s) in about a year or so, and my parents …


Vaccination is a Choice: There’s One Right Choice, and One Wrong One

One of the biggest issues of the pro-vaccination movement is that we are struggling to know how to get through to the other side. Not just the anti-vaxxers, but also the people on the fence, the people who delay vaccines, and the people who don’t understand what’s at stake. It’s …

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New at Skeptical Robot: Grounded Parents T-Shirts!

We’ve been a blog for more than a year now, so in honor of that, Rebecca has printed up our very own Grounded Parents logo t-shirts at the Skepchick store, Skeptical Robot! Thanks for sticking with us, readers. It’s been a great year and we look forward to many more. …


Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Before Becoming a Parent

I’m a planner. I like to map everything out and be prepared for most situations. (Not quite the level of a Doomsday Prepper–I’m more optimistic than that.) So before I had my daughter, I went shopping like crazy. I got plenty of things that I didn’t need (damn you, Travel …